What is the best way to remove the physical memory from DELL pc? w/o adding more?

This is the second posting of this question, The first time I posted I got a bunch of people asking me why...

PLEASE don't answer if you don't know. YES I have called Dell, I can't understand them. This is not "ERASING or EASING" memory. It's physically opening up the PC


Do I need to configure anything in the OS first?

Update 2:

Actually, I am a network admin and DO know how to do such a simple task, I had to make white papers for my helpdesk and didn't want to do the step by step papers. Thanks for the help!

The question MADE sense, Not everyone boosts, some computers have to be downgraded to accomodate older programs still in use by many companies.

Update 3:

10 points to the person who gives me the best step by step!

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    I guess you alrready know how to physically remove the memory card. You just have to push the green plugs on either side of the memory stick down so the memory pops up. Once that is done You will have to make your computer understand that you have removed the memory. There is something called as NV Ram on your PC which will remember your PC's hardware settings. You need to erase that so that your will PC will re-check the current configuration and store the values. Here is a procedure ..

    Restart your computer.

    At the first text on the screen or at the Dell logo, press the <F2> key every three seconds until the message Entering Setup appears.

    The System Setup screen appears.

    Press the <Caps Lock> key, the <Scroll Lock> key, and the <Num Lock> key to light up all three lights on the keyboard.

    Press the <Alt> and <E> keys at the same time.

    The system will emit a beep tone to indicate that NVRAM has been cleared.

    Press the <Esc> key, and then press the <Enter> key to save the changes and reboot the system.

    Source(s): I worked as DELL technician for 2 years
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  • Kaori
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    There is no best way ! There's only one way ! And it's the same for all PC's. You remove the left side of the computer case. Find the memory card(s) on the mother board. Push down on the white clips that hold the card in, and pull it out. Actually your question does'nt make any sense. The more memory a computer has, the faster it will perform. Since you don't know how to do such a simple task, I'd ask someone for help. You can destroy your computer or parts of if you do it wrong.

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  • piquet
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    you just open up the case, then push down and outwards on the white plastic clips at each end of the memory module and it will pop up. then you can just remove it.

    presumably though you know that if you only have one memory module in there and you take it out your pc will not work after you remove the module? if it has two memory modules then by removing one you'll be halving the amount of ram/physical memory in the machine.

    the removal/insertion of memory/ram is all hardware based - no changes need to be made anywhere in the pc - just plug in or remove memory and your computer will compensate accordingly.

    of course if you remove physical memory your pc will slow down.


    EDIT: really you HAVE all the 'step by step' instructions, it's only 2 steps as people are saying - open the case, press down and out on the clips at the edge and it's removed. seems clear enough to me and i'm not sure why you'd want to make the instructions more complicated.

    if you really must string out 2 steps into a page of a4 you could copy down the audio from this 'removing ram' step-by-step video?


    removing memory would never be necessary in terms of older program compatibility and wouldn't make any difference - you just use the compatibility tab within the shortcut details of the program in xp to run older, troublesome, programs.


    don't forget to 'accept' this answer if it helped.

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  • Yoi_55
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    1 decade ago

    Open the case and push the tabs on either side of the stick down and out to pop out the memory. Make sure the computer is off first.

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