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Fantasy football question: which two average QBs would you take out of C. Simms, J. Kitna, or K. Collins?

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    For now, I would take Kitna and Simms. Remember, Martz turned Warner and Bulger into stars. He could do the same with Kitna...he has all the weapons in jones, Pollard, Williams, etc. Chris Simms looked great not only in his fantasy football comercial, but on the field too. Now the Bucs have even more depth at receiver in Clayton, Galloway, (ex)pro-bowler Boston, and sure handed Ike Hilliard. Throw that in with a great running game and Gruden's offense is solid.

    One of the main reasons I'm a little shaky with Collins is because he hasn't even won the starting job yet. Volek is a viable starter for the titans and unless they trade him, they'll be sharing time on the field. Also, outside of oft-injured Bennett and Givens (brady made him good) there aren't any reliable receivers. Their TE's a spectacular but Tennesee hasn't utilized one specific TE yet.

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    Kitna and Simms definately.

    I would rather have a rookie QB over K. Collins. The guy is completely washed up and has never done anything for any team.

    His accuracy, interceptions & QB rating is amongst the worst.

    Kitna has the receivers on the team alongside Mike Martz.

    Simms should have a better season. He didn't play the complete 2005 season.

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    Simms and Kitna. Collins will start but Vince Young will be playing eventually this season. The Bucs and Lions really only have Simms and Kitna, respectively, to go with. That's my two cents. And Kitna has WAY better weapons to throw to than Collins or Simms.

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    Simms and Kitna. Although Kitna might very well be replaced later in the season for Orlovsky or McCown, but for now he is their starter. And, like previously mentioned, Kitna will have good options. Chris Simms looks to be the starter the entire season, and with the receivers he has to throw to, it looks to be a solid season for him as well.

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    I also would take Kitna, and Simms to a lesser extent. If you remember a couple of years ago before the mighty Carson Palmer shiwed up in Cincinnati Kitna was a fantasy beast. He threw for 3500 yards and 28 TD's, he will round back into form and be a steal in the later rounds.

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    Simms and Kitna. At this point, how can you even consider Collins a viable choice?

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    Simms and Kitna.

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    in case you desire yet another working lower back, this could be a good commerce. A rule of fantasy is don't be afraid of the shared time working backs. besides the undeniable fact that, in case you have already got 3 or 4 good working backs, this could be a bad commerce via fact Carson Palmer stands out as the huge type a million QB in fantasy this twelve months.

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    Kitna - a veteran who will have good WR options in Detroit.

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    Chris Simms will be a big sleeper this year

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