Why does Satan get so much credit from Christians?

With creating various types of music, most religions, many types of romantic relationships, etc., etc.? Do you really think Satan is that infinitely creative, and your Creator's mind is that narrow? This is something that's always gotten to me, even as a Christian.

I said this in response to someone else's question, and figured it deserved its own question.

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    I tend to see this in older, more right-wing Christians, but I hate to generalize. The Bible says so little about the devil, it's hard to believe he's attributed with things like entertainment. I tend to see him more as a promoter of the things that cause us to be more concerned with ourselves and our own comfort instead of caring for those around us. The few times he is mentioned, he seems to be the one that makes you doubt who you are, especially when you're getting closer to God.

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    First of all, God has a different attitutde towards beauty than you do. He looks at things with to say the least a higher mind. What we may consider cool, He may consider terrible and a sin. Who are we to say He is wrong. I would not want to be so arrogant of such a thing. I may question and ask why, but to to tell God He is wrong? I don't remember His needing any human consultation in anything.

    As far as Lucifer, or Satan, he is more powerful than you think. He was the most highest of all angels. While he is not all knowing, or all powerful, he was the angel of light before his fall. You underestimate his powers and abilities. Have you actually read the Bible? Or just parts of it. If you carefully read it you will find Sah tahn (Satan) is quite powerful and able to create to a limited degree.

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    Let me try to explain this to you in this manner. No one knows how long Satan has been in existence. And try not to forget that Satan is also a very, very powerful angel, And no human on this earth knows just how much power Satan has and what Satan can do with that power. But we do know this, and that is Satan power is not greater then God's. Also Satan can not defeat the human human race without the human race giving itself over to Satan lies. Another thing, Yes Satan can affect most of the mediums that humans use to educate and entertain themselves. One more thing, Satan greatest lie is getting many humans to believe that evil things come from God, Which no one who knows God should ever believe, So yes you have to give Satan credit for being the father of lies. And tricking the human race into dying with Satan......................................

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    anyone with the nerve to temp Jesus while on the mountain, is that infinitely creative. And no my Creator's mind isn't that narrow. Anyone who can feed the 4 thousand with just a few fish and a few loaves of bread can do anything.

    The bible tells us that the devil will do anything to keep people out of heaven, and that he has false prophets and others here on earth working for him. So watch out.

    Think about it. Stay as Close to God as you can. and Stay as Far away from Satan As possible

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    NO! satan gets way to much attention! he is not creative, he Just uses the fact that we don't seem to want to learn from our mistakes and watch for his tricks. I have noticed that in our church, and in other areas, if one person has a problem several people will have the same problem (attack) it seems to be that is not being creative.

    I tell people all the time, don't put God in a box, God created the box! He can see what needs to be done from beginning to end, and all we can see is a small portion of what is going on.So when we pray, don't tell God what we want to happen with a problem, ask Him to fix it and believe He will!

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    You're absolutely right. Some Christians tend to put Satan on a level playing field with God, having similar power and such, but he's just a created angel.

    And he's not omnipresent. Some people have never thought about that... he can only be in one place at one time. So he's probably not in my house tempting me to do something.

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    Because Satan is ruler of this world, in a sense. He isn't restricted by God's law, as God is. Plus, God and Satan can only work through their followers. The level with which they can work outside of that is rather limited. Since there are billions more Satanists than Christians in the world, then Satan has a stronger influence.

    Plus, Satan is the most intelligent being in the universe outside of God. So, he is smarter than us, at any rate.

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    Satan gets all the credit for sin and evil in this world. If music does not glorify God, than it is of satan. We are to do all things in life that are to bring glory to God.

    1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

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    i agree some christians do give him too much credit but the real reason for him seeming so smart is that he copys WHAT GOD DOES AND JUST TWISTS IT to suit his plans. but no human can say he is a fool because even knows there is a God and it take a pretty smart guy to repeat old trick and still make them work on some ignorant human.

    Source(s): the bible and me
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    Satan can quote the bible forward and backward. So he knows what he can use against you. He uses anything and everything to try and trip you up. We just have to be extra careful not to fall into his trap. I don't give him any credit for what he does. Wanting someone to suffer is not something I give credit for.

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