How can I change my font and text size in email?

I have no tool bar on the compose page.

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    1 decade ago
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    Click on view command menu and choose text size i.e. largest, small, smallest or medium et.c

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    Both Office XP and Office 2000 let you change the help text font—in a very annoying way. Because the help is HTML-based and formatted through Cascading Style Sheets, to change the help font you must change the way you view Web pages in general. Launch Internet Options from the Control Panel and click on the Accessibility... button on the General tab. Check the box Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages, and click on OK.

    This change will also force Internet Explorer to display all Web pages using the font size specified with View | Text Size. Who knows? You may like the change. But if not, go back and repeat these steps to remove the check next to the Ignore... box...I have no idea which windows you are running, but I chose Windows Office XP...

    Source(s): This will help with the toolbar problem...
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    click on 'tools' tab on the top of the screen. Then click 'option...' A screen should then pop up. Click on the 'compose' tab. Then click on the top 'font settings' button. And then a screen should pop up where u can change the font, font size, font style and effects. Good Luck!!

    If you want to add the tool bar permanently go to create mail. Then under the view tab then hover ur mouse over tools then click on fomatting bar. It should add the tool bar on the compose page.

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    If you are using Outlook start an email and change your email to Rich Text (format on the toolbar). From there you will get an option to change your font and size.

    If you want to do it permanently go to Tools from the main menu and look around there.

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    4 years ago

    regardless of if that's yahoo mail. mutually as typing a sparkling mail, you could exchange font by ability of changing the font length . that's interior the bar above. In digits. exchange to twelve. in any different case IE internet site : click on 'internet site' above on top section. there's a drop down menu> exchange text cloth length there> extra effective is physically powerful adequate. On Google Chrome, that's comparable.> click on zoom> click on extra effective. At backside of internet site to top exhibits one hundred%. If all above do no longer artwork (it does artwork) you could exchange to one hundred twenty five% a hundred and fifty% etc.

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    If you use HTML mail, then you could specify your own fonts. But that's not recommended as HTML mail could be infected by virus and spam.

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