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Is liquid compressable?

Show some exampal also.

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    Yes liquid is compressable. for example whater is compressable 4% when we press it at 1000x then normal presature.But it is easy to compress air then liquid. :-)

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    Of course. All submarines and many surface vessels use sonar systems because the ocean is a fantastically effective medium for propagating sound.

    Sound is fundamentally the compression and expansion of a given medium. The fact that the speed of sound in water is much higher than in air is because the compressibility of water is very low. But definitely NOT zero!

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    Liquids will compress. How much depends on the amount of air dissolved in the solution. Once you squeeze the air out, it will not compress anymore. That's here on earth.

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    yes, but very slight. look at the spaced liquid particles in random motion. when compressed these particles come closer together. perhaps try to imagine a syringe filled with fluid and it can be slightly compressed. can be argued it's due to air bubbles in the water, but i beileve there's slight compression....most of the viscous/non-viscous fluids are assumed to be incompressible, ie ideal.

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    of course it is....try this take water in a syringe...fill it such tht theres no air in it....then at the other end plug sumtihng to stop the water from going out...sumthing hard....then press n squeeze the water in it ... ull see tht its compressible until certain amt n hen probably ur cork will burst containers with greater pressure withstanding its possible to compress more

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    Not unless it contains entrained gas to a first approximation. Hydraulic pressure causing the container to expand is a problem.

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    definately.....levelof compresibilty depends upon the type of liquid.... we'll use the term called uncompressible liquid while studying in viscosity chapter

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    yes, but not like gasses, there are some liquids that are not compressable like hydrolic oil.

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    all thing in universe is compressible,in black hole earth even so small as small ball.

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