If there is proof gays can change then why don't they try?

I know a man who lived the homosexual lifestyle for about 8 years then changed and has been married to a women for 10 years. They have two children. And my best friend's father has spoken with him for at least 9 hours or so. And my friend's father says this man is happy and would never go back for anything. And for those who want to scrutinize about whether this man really is as happy as he seems and all he is cracked up to be. Remember it goes both ways then I could wonder the same of you. I guess the only way for you to make that kinda value judgment would be for you to talk with him yourself and if you dont find that to your fancy then I guess you can't make judgments on a man you've never met huh.



Here's some proof for those who say gays can't change. ALOT OF PROOF!

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    Because we are happy as we are.

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    All of this is so subjective. I don't know your friend, so I don't know any other mitigating circustances. You make sure that i am aware of this, so that I cannot pass "judgement" on him. Yet, you are quick to pass judgement on myself, and millions of others in the world. Yet another case of do as I say, not as I do.

    The only thing I will say about your friend is this. Everyone must come to terms with themselves in one way or another. If he is happy, then who am I to say he is wrong? He has found his peace....at least I hope so.

    You sound so very defensive in the last few lines of this post. ".....and if you don't find that to your fancy then I guess you can't make judgments on a man you've never met huh". I'm sorry if your friend has been judged before by the lgbt community. Sometimes we have to fight so hard for our rights and freedoms we get a little hurt and confused when someone denies who they are in order to gain societal and religious acceptance and all the perks that go with it. Again, I say if your friend is truly happy, then so be it, and go with blessings.

    But do you understand what it would be like, if the situation was reversed? if straight folks were the minority? And we persecuted you just as much as we have been persecuted? You would have to justify your very exsistence every day of your life. You would have to justify who you love....and that's if you had the courage to live your life onpenly and honestly. If you didn't, then you would have to remain silent and be part of a life that wasn't truly yours.

    Before you say that would never happen, really think about it. Really put your self in the shoes of those who are different. and if you don't find that to your fancy, seeing things from both sides of the issue, then I guess you can't make judgements on a group of people you've never met, huh?

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    1 decade ago

    No, there is no proof. Christian anecdotes are not proof of conversion, just proof of coercion. Secondly, why should I be miserable just to make you and your kind happy. Christians were once people of peace and understanding, now they have become the harbingers of hate and even death. The false prophets of the Christian Church (Pope Benedict, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, the AFA and others) have turned the love of God into a hateful message couched in a singularly insidious charade of loving the sinner but hating the sin. You probably believe the Bible is 100% accurate, which any thinking person knows it cannot be by virtue of scientific FACT. You know FACT as in not fiction. I happen to believe in God and I don't believe for one moment I am hated by let alone worried about going to hell, which by the way was not in the Bible prior to the catholic church creating it as a bogeyman to keep people in line, but that's another discussion. Finally, so called ex-gays usually end up getting caught satisfying their true selves either in a park, washroom or in a bar. Truth is, Gay people are more honest, truthful and outright decent than most so called Christians, we at least accept who we are, know God loves us and know He made us who we are. I'll take his love over your kind of 'love' any day.

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    Are you looking for a reason for why you yourself won't try to change? Your question sorta sounds like someone in distress who says, "I have this friend who blah-blah-blah and I was wondering what you think about that." If I got it wrong, and you have no desire to change, then why would you think other people might want to change? Just remember, whether gay or straight, you are missing out on 50% of the fun -- better to be bi. Come to think of it, since there are more women than men in the world, the gays are making the greater sacrifice. ;-)

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    Another illogical argument.

    Stop and think: What is your assumption? (which I agree with btw):

    <<Gays can change>>

    And, your argument is

    <<Gays can change

    Therefore, they should>>

    You have forgotten something major here! You are assuming that they WANT TO CHANGE!

    Remember, just because YOU want them to change, does not mean THEY want to change. You are being a little assumptive here, wouldn't you agree?

    Hmmm. "People can change...therefore they should"

    That's a pretty high and mighty command you are issuing....

    If you came to me and said "I really want to get in shape. I want to live a long time for my kids and my spouse, I want to meet and interact with healthy people, and live a long time so I can do a great deal of good in the world" I would absolutely advise you on how to do that....if you asked.

    But, to make the assumption that you SHOULD change your lifestyle simply because it is so different than mine???

    I wouldn't dream of it.

    Source(s): years and years of triathlons...
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hy gay partners daviieand stevvie hmm change hey no way if your trulyy gay find the right partner as in my partner and we are oly 21, we have had this conversation before and we met when we were 17 and for the last 5 years we have built one hel of a deep comittment we are in each others souls and hearts, and are infor the long haul, if you love your partner who in the hell nedds the headaches of the bimbos?? we ae adopting a chil korean boy,, etc, do our own housw work, coking kleaning and maintaing things and in the sex department its owe just so damn hot, like we say we hammered things out when we were 17 and have lived bye itt, if yur trulyy gay and love your partner like we do, its a complete godam lie to change, that isent real life we have found our soulmatess and going into having bimbos, no way!!

  • Alex62
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    1 decade ago

    Your budy there is probably bi. You seem to have a personal issue to resolve going by your very long list of people that you know nothing about. My question to you is... how could you possibly know more about something that you've never experienced than those who have? Open your mind. Everyone is not the same. It is not a matter of character and/or choice. Orientation just is - gay, straight, or bi.

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    no, there is no proof that we can change, and why do we have to? you can't change who you innately are, no matter how many bigots are pointing fingers and calling is immoral sinners. the so-called "ex-gay" movements have not been proven to be legitmate. everything we've ever read, it's just right-wing homophobes attempting to brain-wash homosexuals into being someone they are not. those that claimed to have "changed" are lying to themselves.

    if this really worked, then why don't some of you heterosexuals try "changing" and becoming gay? why? because that's not who you are either, and you don't want to. because it would be a lie.

    Source(s): reality
  • 1 decade ago

    is this your message of love?

    the one you say to be the message of your Christ?

    Having you ever heard of Ex-gays before? men who are in certain religious groups and claim that they were able to change their sexuality?

    first of all, why would people who like the way they are want to change?

    Why don't you try then a Budhism Zen session to get away from your bible?but in this case, you are freaking out people.

    Second, Ex-gay groups are FAKE and a FRAUD. only 2-3% of them are actually trying to have a life with a woman.

    All those things you read about EX-gays, etc, they are VERY WELL PAID to say so, get a lot of benefits from it, and then they are caught in having sex with guys, but hidden, in the underworld, and not a normal thing like people such as i have.

    And do you really know what that "friend" of your does when nobody is around?

    Don't dare calling this a message of hatred, and say that Jesus forgives us all etc. You are the one portraying hatred, and it trully offended me personally what you wrote.

  • right why are you bothering us?

    i am going to report you for continual harrasment if you do not cease

    i have converted many a married man, so what is that saying?

    oh and here is my proof that i made married men proof






    phil mcavity

    ben dover

    wayne kerr










    the other one

    want me to ramble on about rubbish like you are?

    i have seen your first question you ever posted and now i can see why you are so bitter


  • 1 decade ago

    There are a lot of ex-ex-gays for whom that "therapy" never worked, or whose lives were in fact worsened by it.

    I hope your friend is happy. But many LGBT people are happy, too. Our only obstacles are artificial ones put up by people who don't understand that their fellow citizens can be free to be different from them.

    Put it this way--why should LGBT people *have* to try? My life pleases me--isn't it extremely selfish to ask people to abandon their partners, the lives they've made with them, their friends, their stepchildren, their communities, etc., to please *you*? I wouldn't ask you to do such a thing.

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