what kind of album do i need to scrapbook and should i get one with rings or what??

thinking about starting scrapbooking and i've heard that the book is the most important part....

like the type of pages, size and how you can add other pages...like rings or some other way!


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    Hey there, I also agree that you shouldn't use ringed albums, use the type that are called "post-bound" albums, they are usually a little more money, but are worth it. Here are a few more tips:

    -12x12 sizes work best so you can fit more pictures and embellishments on a page.

    -Use paper and embellishments that are lignin free (lignin yellows over time) and acid free (acid can break down and ruin your photos over time) - most scrapbooking products will state this on the package. In addition to this, most fabrics (like ribbon and lace) are safe to use too. Don't try to cut costs by using children's stickers, construction paper, etc because these will fade over time and can ruin your photos.

    -store your album in a dry place at room temperature. They can be ruined by direct sunlight, heat (like leaving them in your car), and moisture (a damp basement)

    -Use albums that have pages that slide into page protector sleeves - DONT use magnetic albums (those sticky type of pages that you peel open and then press closed over the photo) these fade and discolour photos - trust me, I've found this out the hard way!

    That's all I can think of for now, hope this helps!

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    I also use the postbound. Ringed ones will fall apart much faster. The price ranges can vary, depending on the brand that you buy. I think the most expensive ones are from Creative Memories and they are around $40 per alblum. I like to use the Pinoeer brand, which you can usually purchase from anywhere between $14-$25. They're good quality and you can still add pages when needed.

    I like to use the 12X12 books, but sometime the 6X6 are fun for smaller projects. Good luck!

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    Yes, you will want to get a ringed book so that you can add pages as you wish. Get a good sized one even if you don't have near enough ideas on how to fill it yet. As the years come and go you'll find yourself cramming it full of memories of you and your loved ones. Scrapbooking is alot of fun and a good outlet for your creative expression. Have fun!!

  • Hi there! I on the other hand dont recommend the ringed book cuz I have found over the years that they have fallen apart and didnt protect my pages very well. I have done all my books to pass down to my son with his baby book when he is older so I want my work to be protected for years. I recommend a 12x12 binded book with sheet protectors . I have used them for 6 years now and they havent failed me yet. These 12x12 books can be added to but the book will fall apart if you take out its bind.. so dont!!! Hope I could be of some help. Scrap away and enjoy!!!!!

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    I have just started scrapbooking myself, i love it, It is best to get one that you can add the pages too. Go online to www.scrapbooking.com they have albums, materials and ideas. Good luck

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    To get the best results use the scrapbook you can buy from any good Craft Shop... they are a little expensive but worth it in the end

    Happy Scrapbooking..........

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    I prefer the 12x12 top loading page postbound albums. I buy mine at Dollar General for 7.00 and Walmart from 8.00 up. I usually dont care about the color as I cover mine in fabric

    http://www.pioneerthinking.com/chphotoalbum.html for general instructions


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