Does anyone know what 'punani' means?

If not, thats fine. You don't need to go look it up or anything. I was just wondering if YOU knew what it meant.


Its not slang sweetheart. It's a hawaiian word. And you sound like a cornball for using it as slang 5 years ago. no offense, its funny to here white people say hawaiian massacre.

Update 2:

Sorry to a misguide you all. I'm not even hawaiian. I speak almost, perfect english, but I am a variety of ethnicities as well.

By the way, those chinese make their own language sound funny. heehee

Update 3:

Hi Doug, kunucks are the last people who should know what it means. It was just vagina before the word spread to Canada, then they started believing that it meant dirty vagina, and why not, nothing but dirty guys and gals there, right dougy? heehee.

Update 4:

Oh my god, I had no idea how many dumbf*cks there are out there! Punani IS a hawaiian word for the english translation - VAGINA!! There is NO other meaning!! God, people! Just fricken forget it, obviously by asking a simple yes/no question, people have to act like they know it all! You guys really sound convinced by your own words. I live here in Hawaii!!!! I know!! I'm reporting all of you for dam ignorance!

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    Slang for a woman's private part. As far as slang goes, it's pretty old though... I haven't really heard it used since I was in high school, about 5 or 6 years ago.

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    Punani Definition

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    No offence, but punani IS used as a slang for a woman's private parts in English. And you DIDN'T mention that you wanted to know the meaning of this word in Hawaiian.

    I didn't know what punani means in Hawaiian, but I couldn't help myself and checked it up.

    As for the way "whites" sound when they pronounce Hawaiian words, I guess they are not funnier than a Hawaiian pronouncing, say, Chinese words? Just a thought.

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    Does anyone know what 'punani' means?

    If not, thats fine. You don't need to go look it up or anything. I was just wondering if YOU knew what it meant.

    Source(s): 39 punani 39 means:
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    Well apparently it is many things ranging from a slang term for the female genitalia to a small hamlet in Sri Lanka. It is also an alcoholic beverage. But the meaning you are looking for is female genitalia. This is from a previous Yahoo! Answers...

    It comes from the pacific islands. It means female genitalia.

    Here is the definition from urban dictionary:

    Function: noun

    Plural Form: punani

    Etymology: Mod. Hawaiian punani (lit. heavenly flower) from Old Hawaiian pua (blossom); nani (glory, splendor, heavenly)

    1: female genitals

    2: sexually receptive female

    3: sexual intercourse

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    I did not, but I did know that onanie means stimulating the punani.

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    no it is NOT a tropical fruit...-_- PUNANI means PU$$Y in jamaican. (female private part)

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    5 years ago

    slang for vagina, or vajay-jay which is also slang for the same thing as punani; it is a verbal assault, sexual harassment and you could press charges.

  • In hawaiian it means beautiful flower but slang means vagina.

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