Does anyone agree with me that the Japanese have wierd sexual orientations?

Urine, octopi, children (ugh, pedophiles!), french maids, rape, etc...

Oh and no tu quoque "you too" with the West. I am not asking which one is worse.


I am not making a comparative cultural judgement. There are just some things that are disgusting, wierd and stupid beyond the interpretation of any cultures. So "don't judge by Western culture values" is not helping anything .

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    I think you will find that in any culture. Japan does not attempt to pretend and hide it though.

    AOL recently published it's U.S. Searches, I looked and good lord, I found searched for "child sexual torture, right next to baby names, and Churches near zip code XXXXX"

    I think it's the fact they are more open about it that makes it seems more like they are the wierdos.

    And inanswer to IILY- Japanese are Mostly Christian. As far as not having Christian Ideals, You are incorrect.. You will find, if you travel, that other countries are more open to sex etc. Remember, American was founded by Puritans, we still are a bit mroe prude than other cultures. That does not make them heathens.

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    "Weird" is in the eye of the beholder, as is "Beauty". I agree that SOME of them have weird sexual orientations. However, this can be said for the whole world, not just Japanese. By the way, are you talking about LIVE octopi? I can't get an image...please embellish...

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    Japanese sexual practices are a safety valve tied to the tremendous social and political pressures to conform in Japanese society. It doesn't hurt anyone. And those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

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    4 years ago

    First i ought to favor to inform each body to take 2 seems at issues, not in basic terms one. in case you want the Conservative Christians to make certain us for who we are, no diverse than they, then provide me that similar luxury you want of them. study the completed difficulty and don't be quick to guage. Now i don't recognize who this woman is, yet we are not 'born' with our sexuality. Hell, i'm residing evidence of that. yet, for you idiots who favor to take issues the incorrect way, i'm not putting forward SEXUALITY IS a decision. that's shaped by exterior stimuli, you recognize... reality be suggested if a caveman were to stay in finished darkness on his own and by marvel said a unadorned woman, he would not pop a large one. Sexuality is ingenious, yet far, far previous both our finished comprehension and decision. did you recognize why I keep putting forward that's previous our decision? because stupidity isn't restricted to sexuality, and quite some my fellow LGBTs ought to imagine i'm putting forward that sexuality is a decision, which i'm not. quite some them can't positioned 2 and a pair of mutually to comprehend that that's continually human beings of the Judaeo/Christian perception who imagine that's a decision, and not frequently absolutely everyone else. in addition they are not knowledgeable adequate to entice close that Buddhists are Atheists. /rant i'm sensible that Tila Tequila has performed both good or naught for the LGBT, and if not her, the lesbians and bisexuals on her instruct did, eh? all of us come to words with our sexuality ultimately, no matter if that's a "Dude! stunning! i love adult women and men!" (in my view i imagine that's extremely cool that I benefit this) or "Ohhhh noooooo! This is going adversarial to my beliefs! Noooooo!", we are able to not deny that Tila extra sexuality into the limelight; and that there is an danger she ought to have helped this woman hit upon herself... whoever she is.

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    They are called fetishes, not sexual orientations.

    I have lived in Japan for 5 years and I can sure they like perverted stuff!

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    No. They just don't have Christian ideals.

    Quit judging other cultures against your own. What matters to the Japenese culturally is different than an American.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I thought the things you mentioned was all from the West. It does appear that sex is the same everywhere.

  • Grimm
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah, and so does every other culture... All the stuff you've mentioned is not race specific it's taste specific...

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    Not just weird sexual orientations, weird everything!

    Ever seen Takeshi's Castle?

    Source(s): Takeshi's Castle / Fruits & Fresh Fruits / jun kazama
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    what?nooooo, i totally disagree. what the hell!

    they area quite liberal country in terms of sex.

    and let me tell u, they are great in it^^

    but those things ur saying... i hear them from europe and US, not from japan. totally disagree

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