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what happens when you burn carbon dioxide in a power station?

I think that when you burn carbon dioxide in a car engine or power station, or even a cigarette, you produce carbon monoxide.

If so then why does everyone talk about a carbon dioxide being a problem with cars and power stations

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    You can't "burn" carbon dioxide. CO2 is a product of combustion.

    Carbon monoxide (CO) is formed from incomplete combustion, meaning there was an inadequate supply of oxygen for complete combustion to take place.

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    Ah the classic Misstated Question...

    Well, first of all, you don't burn carbon dioxide.

    You burn carbon materials.

    Burning means joining the carbon stuff with oxygen from the atmosphere or other sources. So when you join carbon and oxygen you get fire, heat, and carbon dioxide. If it is a complete burn you get carbon dioxide.

    If it is a crummy burn you get carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which is an ion of co^2 and a poisonous gas.

    Carbon dioxide is not a problem. It is a large part of the air we breathe every day. The problem is the mix of oxygen and carbon dioxide... to little oxygen and you get short of breath and die.

    Carbon monoxide is a killer.

    Smoke has lots of things in it that are not good for you. That is the problem when it comes to cars and power plants. There are things like nitrous oxides and various sulphates that come out in the smoke. Take some of those things and add water - you get all kinds of nasty acids and stuff like that. Yep, they will kill you.

    If cars only exhausted carbon dioxide (same for power plants) this would be a very happy world. The cars would be making the same thing as trees make - carbon dioxide.

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    You don't burn carbon dioxide. Burning is a chemical reaction of carbon with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide. If combustion is not complete, because of poor engine design or whatever, then carbon monoxide can also be produced.

    The point is, you don't burn carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, both are waste products produced by burning carbon based fuels, like coal, oil and natural gas, in air.

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    U are part right CO is deadly. U don't burn CO2,CO2 is produced when burning fuels. If u burn a fuel at a efficient point it will produce almost no CO. The CO2 is the big thing with the global warming,but it is not true. they are not accounting for the green plants that take in CO2 and put out oxygen. If u Measure the atmosphere CO2 it will be 1 to 2 parts per million.

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    where ever co2 is combusted u mostly get co (carbon monoxide)...its very injorious to health...especialy when u inhale it it forms this deadly substance wit haemoglobin called carboxy-haemoglobin which can cause suffocation n when inhaled 2 much death

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    Nothing will happens

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