Reformatting Hard Drive????

I'm new to the computer world and I'm trying to reformat the hard drive and start over with a fresh installation of the operating system. How do I do that? HELP!!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    If you are installing Windows, just start the fresh install and it will ask you if you want to format within setup.

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    If you have a name brand computer ie: HP, COMPAQ, DELL or EMACHINE then they have restore features that alow you to restore back to what your computer was when you bought it new.

    If your machine is an custom build, then you will need to have the CD for the OS that you are going to install, (I assume that you are using windows XP) which has many of the drivers for the hardware in your system built into it, but I would still make sure that I have the Modem drivers, Network card Drivers, Video Card Drivers and Sound card Drivers as well as the latest Chipset drivers for your motherboard before you start this project.

    I will forwarn you that even with XP this is a long and drawn out process if you are going to do it correctly. My average XP Install takes (with drivers & updates to XP) about 3-5 hours to complete and does not include installing any software that I normally use after XP is installed.

    One of the major reasons for the length of time is the hurry up and reboot syndrome of Windows almost all of the updates require rebooting and driver installations (most) require rebooting, and then there is the fact that installing many of the updates take for ever in a day to actually do the install because each one is doing a restore point and many are making a backup of the system files before the installation continues.

    So if you are new to doing this it can be an Pain in the you know what so now is the time to learn to have patience.

    Have fun

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    Reinstalling windows will automatically get rid of your old windows, so don't worry about formatting it, just make sure you have your CD-Serial Key at hand, pop the cd in and just follow the instructions.

    If the CD doesn't boot than restart your computer and just before you see the windows loading bar, press F2 (or one of the F keys depending on your bios, look carefully to see if there is any message that says Press FX to enter Set Up), than once in the BIOS Setup look for Boot Devices, and make sure CD is at the top of the list, this makes sure your cd is booted first instead of your Hard Drive (where windows is), Exit Saving Changes and continue.

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    Boot off of the CD and reinstall. When asked if you want to delete the current drive say yes. Create a new one and format. Finish the install. If it doesn't ask you to delete the drive and format it will probably do it anyway. I don't know which operating sysyrm you have, but this is the general formula for Windows. Have Fun

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    Boot from CD, and if this is a new os, then you sil need to have the serial handy, if this is a reinstal, then if you jsut boot from cd, it will keep the serial.

    Make sure you bacvk up your files to a place OTHER then your machine . media, internet. they will be lost.

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    Good luck;)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    get a win xp bootable cd .........u can do it easy

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