don't u think whatever we know and we are studying might we wrong and whatever we think is advanced is?

actually not. we might be going towards a wrong end.

why do we have to follow everything we r told by others about every scientific thing. why can't we just be like that

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    Many of the things that we are told are wrong. Our parents believe these things, and so do our teachers, so they get passed down to us.

    The people who really control the planet (Illuminati) do not want you to know the truth, so they control what you are allowed to know. The mass media is owned by just a few Zionist elites who have a good reason to keep things secret. The education curricula are designed at the top level so that they omit any real knowledge, and provide us with trivia. Our lives are controlled from the day we are born, and most people die before they ever realise it.

    Its great that you are asking such a question. It means that you are one of the few people in the world who is still capable of independent thought. Keep it up, and question everything that you are told, If it falls into the category of general knowledge, its probably not true. Like 'who was the first man to land on the moon' True answer - it's not happened yet.

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    If you look at ancient Egypt or stone henge or many other places in the world, you realize ancient man knew many things we don't. Their knowledge of the stars helped them in their daily life. Now we can name planets, but we can't for tell events as they did.

    We have progressed in some things, but in general we seem to have lost the ability to provide for ourselves.

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    Its a pity your English isnt better.

    I really think you had an interesting question in there - somewhere.

  • It appears at least one person has already arrived at the wrong end.

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    because thats the way people have always lived. Why dont you become one of those who dictate the progress or "progress" ?

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    huh ?????????

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