what do you mean by ootheca?

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    The fertilized eggs that result from mating are cemented together by the female in a sausage-shaped egg case known as the ootheca. The American cockroach simply deposits the ootheca in a protected place and abandons it. German cockroaches keep the ootheca extended from their egg-laying organ, known as the ovipositor, depositing it only when the eggs are ready to hatch. An ootheca contains from 16 to 32 eggs, depending on the species. Female ootheca-tending cockroaches sometimes display maternal care. The nymphs that emerge from the eggs often remain around their mother for several days. Nymphs undergo gradual metamorphosis—that is, they grow and mature in stages, each separated by a molt of the exoskeleton. Each successive stage, or instar, comes to resemble the adult insect more and more. The final molt gives rise to a winged, sexually mature individual.

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    itsa a type of egg mass formed by insects or mullusks

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    What do I mean? I didn't even say it!

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