I need to know what "toi ya Kuchezea" means, apparenty it's Swahili, is that right?

I am trying to find out if the words above mean 'teddy bear" in English, and if not what the Swahili words for Teddy Bear are... or which Swahili word would come closest. Thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "Toi" is one of those pseudo-English words that tourists and visitors make up, to name something there is no name for. In all my time living there, I never actually heard someone use a specific word for a toy or game.

    However, searching the Dictionary I did find a translation for "teddy bear." The words/phrase given is "mwanasesere wa dubu" which literally means "doll of a bear."

    Source(s): Experience with the Swahili language and the pseudo-English vocabulary existing in Tanzania. Tuki published dictionaries; English-Swahli and Swahili-English.
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    Teddy, being a proper name, never changes.

    Swahili (bear)= dubu

    Ergo, Teddy dubu

    Other African languages:

    African (bear)= uithou, staan, beer, oplewer, produseer

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