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If a person with high blood pressure is connected to a person with low blood pressure, will both their blood pressures equal out?

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    if blood vessels are connected . Yes!!!

    in what other way do you think connection can be made???

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    A person with chronic high blood pressure (hypertension) has kidneys that don't recognize that their blood pressure is high. If their circulation were connected with a normal person, than both blood pressures would be regulated to normal by the normal person's kidneys. The kidney has many functions and we only need about 1/3 or of our normal kidney mass for any of those functions, and for regulating blood pressure we only need about 1/10th the normal kidney mass. Thus, a normal person has enough reserve kidney mass to regulate the pressure of several other people.

  • dderat
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    or maybe the blood pressure is high because the body needs it to be high as the result of some condition. In other words, it may be the result and not the cause, and so shouldn't be messed with by other than proper diet.

    This could be why lowering blood pressure with drugs has yet to be demonstrated to affect outcome. All you get is lowered numbers. And ya ya, I know about the alleged stroke prevention b.s. They are finally realizing that only in severe, acute, life threatening stroke situations is it useful at all.

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    Yes they will equal each other since the systems are connected. but the pressures will not stay the same. Each person will be trying to get to the appropriate blood pressure, so the two systems will compete to increase/decreae the BP.

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    No, both blood pressures will rise until the connection is severed. lol

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    No, not that any physician would ever test this. Far too many things can go wrong from "connecting" the circulation systems of two people.

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    no, no way... sorry dude....

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