What prescription can you give to a patient that has rashes all over ones face and what is the cause?

What kind infection is rashes?

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    A rash is your skins way of dealing with outside invaders it could be allergies, bacterial, and/or viral. A rash is not a disease in and of itself it is usually the symptom of something else.

    Usually they will give you (depending on what caused your rash.) antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory of some sort, Steroid cream or liquid.

    Source(s): Mother of a son who has SEVERE allergies.
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    A rash is an allergic reaction any drug can cause it. In fact anything will give you a rash if you are allergic. It is not an infection if you are getting the rash from a product. Some rashes are caused by virus's such as shingles or a staph infection [bacterial]

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