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Is my penis 2 small for girls 2 enjoy, im 18 and its almost 5.5 inches when erect?

I havent had sex yet, but ive had plenlty of oppertunty, im scared girls will laugh and not enjoy it. Is it ok size wize and will it grow?

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    A self-help site, not a commercial one. It might be of help. Likewise,

  • slmw38
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    Chances are it wont grow. However your penis size is about the average. Believe me you will be fine. It not the size that makes the difference its the way you use it. Also the majority of women do not pay attention to size, they see sex as an emotional thing. foreplay and paying attention to her needs is what matters most. There are some women out there who says size does matter just like there are men who only like big boobs. But those people are superficial. Don't worry about it, when you find the right person everything will just click.

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    It's not the size of the tool, it's the way you use it.

    What girls need is the attention showered upon her for awhile even before you get undressed. Make her WANT it. If she's in the mood, it's not going to make a difference what size it is. Pay attention to her needs, what makes her squirm with excitement, let her 'direct traffic' and listen to her signals she gives. Shower her with soft touches, kisses, sweet words, and she should melt like butter.

    And you are average sized, so don't worry about it anyway. :)

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    ya it's ok don't wory

    it's not less than 2" inches right then it's ok you say it's 5"5 inches so thats an average size of male.

    The average size of erected penis is around 5" to 7" so it doesn't matter.

    Average size of flaccid penis is around 3" to 5" .

    Be confident of ur self and don't be afraid to have sex .at firs time u may b exited but still b calm and b more sexual with ur partner.

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  • Joey
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    1 decade ago

    You can say a whole lot more with sincerety than with your johnson-rod. Don't sweat the small stuff.....jamming your **** into some girl is about 1% of what you need to do when being in a relationship.....if that's what you are doing. Girls can be stimulated in so many other ways.

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    Its a small average. The point though is not size, but how you use it.

    Plus, extremely large hurts the girl. Dude have sex.

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    Concentrate on being kind, loving, gentle, respectful, humorous and be a good listener. Masturbate before the date to relieve the desire and hence concentrate on her beauty and feminism while with her. When the time comes, she will already be ready for your man's caring and satisfying touch.

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    hey honey listen dont worry no one will laugh at u and if she does tell her 2 get lost as shes not worth ur time......

    u can do better :) from a girls point of view i dont think this is a problem! us ladys like all sizes sum like it big sum like it small .....

    small is sumtimes better ......;)

    stop worrying !!!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    You have enough size. Size doesn't matter when you have a skilled tongue and fingers.

  • 1 decade ago

    You are average size sport, you'll do fine.

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