Is it customary to tip my dog's groomer?

If so, what percent should I leave her, she's charging me $35.

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    Yes, please tip her at least $5..Of course that depends on whether she does a good job or not..hopefully the groomer you choose does. Groomers work hard and deserve appriciation for it..You could also find out if the groomer does all her baths or has a bather do them-this is one of the hardest parts..and the bathers often get forgotten. So show that you care about the hard work put into grooming your dog by tipping!!

    Source(s): Groomer's assistant for 51/2 Yrs.
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    Tipping the groomer is indeed customary, especially if he/she does a good job. Grooming can be a difficult job, and in most places groomers work on a 40-60% commission. So of that $35, she's probably only getting $16-$20.00...before taxes. Also, a lot of salons (around here anyway) assume that everyone gets tips and may pay even less than this. And if your dog just gets bath/toenails/ears, *that* salon employee doesn't even work on commission (usually). The tips really let you show your appreciation for the hard work they do.

    But from a more selfish angle, groomers remember who their good tippers are, and will always go the extra mile for their tipping clients. It's amazing how big a difference a $5 tip will make in the spoilage of your pup, both in the immediate and in the future. Waited a little too long to make that holiday-time appointment? Have an emergency run-in with a skunk? Groomers will make a big effort to squeeze in their favorite customers, even during the busiest times of year. Take care of those who take care of yours, and you'll be impressed!

    $5-$10 is good, and a little more at holiday time.

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    It's proper etiquette to tip those who perform a service. If you are unhappy with a service in any way, then I would not tip. Here is the customary percentage:

    Dog groomer - 1/4 - 1/2 cost of a session.

    Dog walker or sitter - 1-2 week's pay.

    I'm also providing a link that shows what the customary tip for other services!

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    That matters on the way that they groom your dog. Do they do a fine job? Does the dog like the groomer? its your choice...usually tipping its 15%..thats about 5 dollars and 25 cents. You can give 10 percent just to mean they are doing a good job. Its you AND your dog's choice =)

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    Yes, it is customary to tip your dog's groomer. People usually tip $5.00. Of course, if the haircut's bad, I wouldn't tip.

    Source(s): Work for a vet's office where they do grooming.
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    Yes, it is polite to tip her if she does a good job and treats your dog well. $5 is a good tip if you're paying $35.

    Source(s): I worked with a groomer.
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, I would say at least 5 bucks. If she does a great job then up it. I wouldn't give anymore than 10.

  • 1 decade ago

    You dont need to tip her, just have a nice chat with her, offer her to stay for some coffee be friendly etc

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