Need help making a lifes decision?

I need help making a decision. I just graduated and I’m working for the family company, which is going to be sold in about 6 month. So my family is going to be filthy rich. My mom wants me to stay with the company till that day; and than she will pay for me to go to any college I want. The problem is I HATE working here; I work my butt of everyday. My moral is nearly shot, and my stress level is through the roof. I’m suppose to work 8 hours I work 15 to 17 hours a day because I care about this company so much; sometimes on the weekend I'll work 5:30 to 2:00 in the morning just to get things done and I'm not even paid for it Should I stick with it or find another job. I thought about joining the military. I don’t have many options since most employers wont pay as much as I’m making now; problem with that is I have car payments. What would you do if you where in my shoes.


Wolf I never said I was struggling to make car payments. My financial is outstandingly perfect I already have 3 investments, 2 online businesses, and credit score is 700+ and was smart enough to save money buying a car that saves me tons of money in return. The problem is no employer will pay me enough to make car payments, insurance, and other bills needed to be paid; even still have enough left over that will make a difference At least I haven't found one yet that would. Do you know an employer that will pay 12.72 an hour to a fresh out of school graduate with not experience?

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    You mentioned that the Company is going to be sold in six months, and that as a consequence, the family is going to be filthy rich. What do you stand to gain from that? If you pull out now, is there a chance that you will be cut out of the list of official benefactors?… Is the continued success of the Company over the next six months dependent on your contribution?… If you pull out now, is your family likely to hold it against you?

    You have asked what I would do if I was in your shoes… Personally, I’d be inclined to think that six months isn’t such a long time, and that it will pass pretty quickly. I’d have to take a look at any health concerns that I might have, and if necessary, cut back on the number of hours that I worked. It is obviously important to the family that things continue to go well for the Company until it is sold. To that end, I believe I would choose to stick it out.

    I am not in your shoes, so the final decision, is going to have to be one that you make yourself.

    Good luck!!!

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    If you care about this family company as much as you say you do then I think you would feel to guilty to quit. Just put in your 8hrs and say that anything that didn't get done will be done the next day. Also your working your butt off for a company that's going to belong to someone else soon. Just do your part and let the next owners worry about all that you are stressing about now. Your mom does not want you to have an early heart attack because of this. Chill out, help your family and don't let it go any further then that. Don't stress the small stuff kind of thing. You are doing a wonderful thing for your family by helping out. Continue to help but cut it out after 8hrs.! STOP FEAKING STESSING OUT! LOL YOUR PARENTS AREN'T SO WHY SHOULD YOU!

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    Stay with the Family Job. If you can't hack long hours there, you won't make it in the military. Besides, it's only 6 months, you're young so that seems like a long time, but believe me when you're older, 6 months is nothing. I would start to cut down my hours for one thing. Let the family know 'Look, I love you guys, I care about the business, but it's burning me out.' Try doing 40 to 50 hour weeks. That in itself may help your attitude, go out and have fun in your time off. And in six months, think of all the cute little coeds running around!

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    You didn't say that your family is forcing you to work the hours that you work. You say that you work those hours because you care about the company, so what I am seeing is that you are making the CHOICE to work like you are working.

    The decision that you have to make about changing jobs and keeping the same salary are decisions that you will always have in your life. You have to choose what is a priority for you right now - is it your happiness or is it your lifestyle? What is more important to you at this point? Only you can decide that, and there is no right or wrong answer.

    Source(s): Lifeline Counseling
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  • Talk to your family and try to get the hours cut down a little bit. Don't quit. The potential pay off could be just what you future needs. Your family worked hard for the family business, and there eventual pay out. Your family will be proud of you and satisfied that you did your time in the business. I it very important to show them what you are made of. Good luck

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    I think you need to discuss this out with your family. You need to tell them that you want to be self-reliant and make them understand and support your decision. On the car payments two choices:

    a.If Family understands and appreciates your decision they may decide to pay off your car payments

    b.Just sell the car and close the loan, you can buy another one later when you have made enough money

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    I would stay in the company, its only 6 months! But i would definitely work less. If your parents want you to work longer, tell them how stressed you are and that you need some free time too. If this wont work, than find another job.

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    I would sacrifice 6 more months of my life. It is family and then I would stock pile some money so I could enjoy a nice vacation after it was over and before my mom paid for my schooling!!! She is essentially offer you a new life in 6 months

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    The real issue here is ,not being acknowledged/appreciated for the efforts/hardwork put in .And most importantly not paid for slogging so much but instead being taken for granted because you,re family.Hence the hatred.However,if I were you, I would sit and think HOW much I love/care about my family, then "COMMUNICATE"my thoughts/feelings/needs to them and decide on the best option available.

    Communication is the key to any kind of relationships/problems.

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    talk to your mom . maybe the company will start paying you for all you extra time. or maybe you will just work your 8 hours a day. as for the military that's totally your choice but don't take the decision lightly. it will effect the rest of your life.

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