How do I help my kindergartner focus in school?

His teacher is becoming frustrated with him, because he has no desire to pay attention or listen in class. All he cares about is playing even though we have been stressing the importance of doing what you are told and listening when grown ups talk.

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    OK, The ADHD folks are jumping the gun REALLY BADLY HERE! ADHD seems to be the "cop-out" for kids just needing to grow up. Spend lots of time with your child modeling proper behavior and reinforcing the behavior. Reward him for doing well and re-teach him when he strays. Negative consequences are innapropriate at this age unless they are defiant or flat-out rude. Please do not medicate your child unless this behavior continues for a few more years. It is unfair to your child.

    To those of you with ADHD kindergarteners, you are making a sad mistake. They are little kids, give them a chance!

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    I am so tired of saying that ADHD is the answer for children that can't sit still! 23% of children are diagnosed yet only 7% actually have ADHD!

    He's in kindergarten! He wants to have fun and its only the beginning of the school year! Give it time! That's the reason they are in kindergarten in the first place, to learn to pay attention, he should have all ready known to do what he was told.

    Start with positive reinforcement (giving rewards for desired behaviors) if the problem continues....but don't think its only your child...I bet there are at least 3 other kids that are helping him not pay attention. The teacher just needs to learn a little patience with the children

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    Have him tested for ADD... I know so many parent don't believe the hype.. but honestly... My second son was the same way, By second grade I had to give in.. After trial and error with a couple of meds, Now he is a straight A student... Hurray! I am an adult with ADD, believe me it would have been so much better if someone could have told me what was wrong and how to fix it. D takes Stratera, it is non-narcodic developed for kids with ADD.

    Do some research of your own and you'll see what I mean. The pay off is so worth it.

    Oh... there is a difference between ADD and ADHD... You can have one without the other..

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    Next stop the ADHD train. All aboard! Seriously now. He is in Kindergarten but here's what I do. My son is in kindergarten and he has been diagnosed with ADHD and it was caused by Lead Poisioning (we moved out of house as soon as we found out). I get a weekly paper from the teacher on what they are working on. I work with him on the things he is learning in school. The first month or so of school they learn the importance of sitting still and doing their work. If you are worried about it get him check for adhd (WARNING GET BRAIN SCANS AND PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION FOR A THOUROUGH DIAGNOSIS) too many children get misdiagnosed and are on meds needlessly. A child may simply be working through a change in life (kindergarten is a big change for a child even if they were in preschool) Be patient with him and work with him with what they are working on in school. Just a few minutes each day. Ask him what he learned in school. Keep tv and all noises/distractions off while working with him. Stress the importance of sitting still. Ask him why he thinks he cant sit still. Listen to him and work with him. I do wish you the best of luck hon. It is a very trying time. I am thankful for my hubby's help with him as we also have a 24 mo old (terrible twos to go with it) and I work a full time job. I get my talks with my son on the walk to school but it does the trick! Also talk to guidence counsler about some more ideas. They are trained in this.

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    Come on. He is just a little kid. Give him a break. If you want him to be respectful to the "grown-ups" basically try to spend more time with him and understand the reason of his behaviors. Were you any different when you were in his age? I wasn't.

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    Look into "ADD" attention deficit disorder.Its often miss understood.

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