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I have recently downloaded and installed Knoppix 5.0.1.The problem is that I wanna try Mono project which is meant to run C# application on Linux.Now at Mono website,there are versions of mono available for Red Hat,SUSE and some others but not for Knoppix.I guess one of them will work in Knoppix but I don't know which one.You can have a look at that page at I tried downloading the suse package but it didn't even install.Then I noticed there is a pack labelled 'All Distibutions'.I tried that.Everything went fine.I was also able to install it successfully.But then when I click on MonoDevelop Icon,it says 'Loading Application' for a few seconds and then nothing happens.Pls suggest me what to do.Pls don't suggest Monoppix.I can't download another ISO image.You can


It seems people don't use KNOPPIX.I think I must get some reward from Yahoo answers for asking such a question which is unanswered for more than 2 days in such a portal where answers normally come in just a few seconds of putting up a question.

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    i honestly like Ubuntu (or Kubuntu in case you like KDE)for greater everlasting equipment installs. Knoppix can infrequently be beat for some thing the place you desire to purely boot and run from a cd although, like on a working laptop or pc you do not often use, or as a rescue cd.

  • I have a question... which is better:Linux or Win98?

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