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what problems do cat lovers cause to native species?

what alerts the community about the problems caused by cat lovers to native species?

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    Hi there...if this question is regarding how cats affective the native wildlife:

    The following excerpt was taken from the website: to read the full story

    What Effects Do Domestic Cats Have on Wildlife?

    Although rural, free-ranging cats have greater access to wild animals and undoubtedly take the greatest toll, even urban house pets take live prey when allowed outside. Extensive studies of the feeding habits of free-ranging domestic cats over 50 years and four continents indicate that small mammals make up approximately 70 percent of these cats’ prey. Birds make up about 20 percent. The remaining 10 percent is a variety of other animals. The diets of free-ranging cat populations, however, reflect the food locally available.

    ...Free-ranging cats are abundant and widespread predators. They often exist at much higher densities than native predators. They prey on large numbers of wild animals, some of which are rare or endangered. They compete with native predators, and they harbor a variety of diseases. Yet, cats are popular pets. If we want to care for our pets—and still protect our native wildlife—we need to be aware of their adverse effects on wildlife.

    Source(s): Feline Trainer
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    I think a lot of the cat lovers will actually keep our cats indoors. Which means that we create no danger to the native species. Except for an occasional wasp of fly that gets in through the window, or another bug, but anything like that that comes into my flat is subject to being - accidentally or not - disposed of anyways, with or without a cat.

    Indoors/outdoors cats, though, can create problems, I think, by hunting animals (usually - ones smaller than themselves), and by spreading disease. And, if the cats have not been fixed, by spreading too fast.

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    Lack of and failure to educate their cat. Mine is well fed and taken care of. I have

    chipmunks that come into the house, cottontails enter the back door

    looking for a handout. I have road a runner that has adopted me and the cat and comes into the house. My cat will lie and watch the chipmunks feeding only three feet away. Will she catch a rat? she certainly will, and, dislikes

    ravens immensely. Is she a predator? Sure, but she is not stupid. Desert

    life is symbiotic. A bit of care and instruction has created a sociable collection that intermingle. The cat has hours of entertainment watching the wildlife that congregate here. The critters do express life in such

    interesting and entertaining ways and manner, intermingling and tolerant.

    With more than 750 military bases in some 134 countries and more than

    43,000 civiliian deaths in Iraq, many consider the US as predator.

    I was simply comparing my cat and immediate society here with that of

    populace America.

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    Cat lovers eat a lot of native species. Unlike their cats.

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    cat lovers do not cause a problem to native species --- indeed cats do because they are born hunters and instinctively need to kill to survive --- cat lovers would 'kill' anyone who dared that their beautiful feline would lower itself to do such a thing ---- but ask them where the wildlife in the shape of birds etc , don't frequent their backyard --- response --- what backyard --- what bird . cat lovers may well be lovely people with good intentions --- but you have to ask you self (given their selfishness) which ones the cat !!???

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    I don't understand your question. what do cats have to do with native species. maybe they will chase a house fly around and bat it around but it's not like they can get to much else around. how would cats get to anything else? I don't see people bringing native species of animals or anything into their house.

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    A lot of bird species have been wiped out my irresponsible owners not keeping their cats indoors. Tut, tut.

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    rotten mongrel cats

    cat lovers are very bad for the enviroment going around killing and stuff.

    the mongrel cats are not much better either.

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    my cats are both indoor cats, and have never set foot in anyones garden, so they do not harm anything except my furniture, your question does not make sense.

  • Anonymous
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    are you talking about people who own cats yet let them roam all over the place outside???

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