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How is my wife supposed to cook dinner, do dishes and bring me beer when she is in crutches?

She fell down some stairs.

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    you are a disgrace to the human race. If everybody will remember this is the same prick that said his wife "accidentally" fell down the stairs, and he put the words accidentally in quotation marks

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    Dish towels hang nicely over the handle bar of the crutches. Maybe you could attach a bag of some sort to the crutch so she could bring you a beer. Preferably a cooler bag. You know those people on crutches are slow and we can't have warm beer. A bar stool should make it easy to sit in front of the stove/oven while dinner cooks.

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    Don't underestimate her all because she is temporarily unable to move at the speed of light. Please be a good husband and show some patience and concern. Give her extra time to get that beer out of the fridge and served to you, poured with a nice head of course, while you are sitting in the recliner wearing only your boxer shorts. As far as dinner and dishes, again you're going to have to show patience. While she is dependent upon crutches to get around, it will just take her extra time to accomplish her chores. You could suggest that she start preparing the meal a couple hours earlier than normal, so that she can at least have it ready at the time that you're accustomed to. Like I said, patience, understanding, and with your help and suggestions, you both should get through this time quickly.

    If none of the above work for you, move back home with mom until your wife has fully recovered.

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    YOU need to prioritize for her.

    Ala - First, get me a beer. Second, cook my dinner. Now, another beer. You can let the dishes soak & get up a little early & do them while I'm still sleeping.

    Get it ?

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    All you need is a cooler by your chair, the remote, pizza delivered, and to heck with the dishes, she can stand at the sink on crutches.

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    Ah well that should be something you think about next time you push her down the stairs...I mean when she "falls" down the stairs.

    Sounds like its time for a new dishwasher.

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    She "fell" down the stairs, RIGHT!

    get up off your lazy you know what and get it yourself

    and while you're at it why don't you ask her if she wants anything

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    You are a loser,wonder how she feel down the stairs?

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    make the biach rent a wheel chair so she can! Youre too much man! screw the whiners and feed them donkey swizzos

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    Damn, you lazy, self-centered shrimp. How else could your wife do all that with crutches? She's your wife not your slave. Do something.

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