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How do i change my browser setting and also add a connection its saying my modem is dis connected?

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    your modem installation in the mother board may have become loose. put of the computer. open the box, remove the modem and refix, n then start the computer.

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    Check your settings on the Tools menu of Internet Explorer - click on the Internet Options item, click on the Connections tab, see if you can find an area that you have misconfigured.

    I suspect unfortunately that your ISP may be dropping you for lack of activity. There is an easy wasy to fix this - leave Outlook Explorer open - have it set to send and recieve you email - set it to check for new mail every 2 or 3 minutes - this will keep a small level of activity on the connection and often keeps it alive - good luck!

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    You add connections to your computer, not to your browser.

    Go to Control Panel > Network Connections, and look for a link to add a network connection. Follow the instructions that come up.

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