why elton john sung Skyline Pigeon, what was his purpose to mankind?

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    Bernie Taupin is famous for writing in a way that can be interpreted many ways but he usually is reluctant to discuss his actual meaning.

    When Elton sung this for Ryan White, whom he had come to love, he probably meant in on several levels. One would to be free of the painful and exhausting fight against AIDS. Another is the struggles and opposition Ryan faced in his life, being rejected by school and society. Mostly, I suspect is the fact that he was only a child and in leaving the disease that killed him behind, he was going on in death to hopefully again be a child in heaven.

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    Skyline Pigeon Lyrics

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    I think Skyline Pigeon is probably about someone who may be tied down in life someway, and longs to be free. Maybe someone who is in a bad relationship, or even someone in prison. I think if I remember right, Elton sung this song at Ryan White's funeral (the boy who died of aids, and who was persecuted because of it.) I think he meant it as a tribute to him in that Ryan wanted so much in life to be set free of the disease, and all the problems associated with it. When he died he was finally free. I think it was a very fitting song for him to sing.

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