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Do you believe in "evil forces"?

Do you believe in luck? chance? fate? good? evil? Do you believe people can have any special powers due to evil forces..? This might sound strange..I'm an average happily married mother of 3 wonderful children. But when I was growing up my "mother" was..lets say not mentally right..she was an acoholic on top of everything..due to those factors I had a very hard childhood. I tried to find good in her even as a young adult and she continue even after she quit drinking to be very cruel to me. When I found the man of my dreams and had the family I always wanted she tried to come between that. She was mentally abusive to my children(screaming at them, locking my daughter in a closet,etc) and thats when I said I'm done.."you might have mistreated me, but you won't my children" I haven't talked to her in almost 4 yrs. Seen her once. I have always believed she truly is evil ..she has so many people fooled..she goes to church and puts up a front..I don't have room to tell all here..


I am the only child she had w/ my father. She had a son w/a man in carolina who I have heard grew up to be a big time drug dealer. She has 3 sons and a daughter that all have the same father. I know at least 2 out of those 4 have mental problems 2 of them are ferternal twins. (boy/girl) My bro. (the boy twin) is fine mentally as far as I can tell, he has alot of medical problems like me..he suffers w/clusters, I have lupus. His twin sis. is just like our "mom"..the twins were taken by cps when they were like 6mo old, put in foster care and that family adopted them and they had a gr8 life. I grew up w/ the other 2 sons, which she had lost at one point too, but somehow got them back. She is very very manipulative. I just always thought growing up and as I got older and learn more about her and the lies she told that she must be workin for the devil or some evil force..I thought no human being could do the things she did and continues to do and not be involve in evil..

Update 2:

its hard to put in words what I lived and how she was and is exactly..I just wish I guess someone could tell me they understand and have been thru a similar experiece..with someone who they think may be evil..thank you sorry this is so long

Update 3:

she has been married like about..umm..at least 6 times..her mother was a wonderful woman, my granny, if it wasn't for her I don't think i would have made it thru. Her father was an alcoholic..don't know of any abuse from what I've investigated..nobody understands why she is like she is.

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    Okay - I can definately relate to you on this one. Is she evil? Define "evil". Will it help you in the long run if you decide that she is? I think the question here is what are you going to do about what happened to you as a result of your mother's influence. You say that you have always believed.... So this goes back all the way to your early childhood. I can only tell you what I did to help me get over the same set of circumstances. First, love her anyway. I didn't say like her, I said love her -- in the same way that christ loves you -- with all the warts and the ugliness (each of us have). Try to see the soul, the part of her that isn't corrupted, the part that christ loves.

    Next - must you have communication with her? I found it helpful to cut off all contact with my mother for 15 years. My children have never known her, thank God. During this time, I worked on myself. On forgiveness. Why? If you hold a grudge, it only hurts you. It affects every aspect of your life and how you see people, and in turn, how they see you. Forgiveness is essential. Break the pattern -- do not raise your children the same way. Find a mother, or a grandmother you trust, and use them for guidance. When you can, when you're strong enough, and you've insulated yourself enough, and when you can handle being around her, to the point that nothing she says or does can affect you or hurt you, then try to establish some semblance of a relationship with her. Why? Because she will die at some point, and you'll wish you had. No, she doesn't deserve your love, but you deserve the peace of mind that comes with this final step. I wish you the very best. Stay strong.

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    From what you are describing, I would not call that evil forces. It can be considered evil, but not in a supernatural type of way. You describe a woman who was mentally and physically abusive to you and your children and family. That is inate evil. The alcohol abuse and the other factors seem to lead towards an untreated or undiagnosed mental illness. If you have siblings, do they behave the same way? If they do not, then the behavior could be alcohol related alone.

    You have done the correct things by stopping her from seeing and doing to your children and not having contact in years. You may have a point in your life that you want to speak to her again, but remember to always control the situation and meet in public. Many people who have personalities such as your mothers also go to church and put up a front. Too bad those at the church do not understand.

    The person that you describe was abused by her father-even if it was not physical, it was psychological and emotional. Your granny was sweet and nice, but in those times, divorce was not an option, but would have been better for your mother. Like I said, it is not evil in the supernatural way, even if it feels that way.

    You can come to terms with all this if you find a good social worker that is wiling to let you speak and listens. This will allow you to understand better and not feel the grief and sorrow that you describe here.

    Good luck with everything!

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    Yes, I do believe that people can be evil. I don't really see it as evil forces but, for whatever reason, some people are malicious and ill-willed towards others. One thing is for sure though. These people cannot possibly go through life mistreating others and having bad intentions. Somehow or other, they get what they deserve although you may not personally witness it. I have seen it happen in my life on many occasions so I know that it can happen.

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    Yes, your mother appears to be very unhappy somehow. KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AWAY FROM HER. They have a hard enough time growing up without being thrust into situations where someone knowingly mistreats them. That is abusive on your part. Keep your distance from her and only have contact with her if you must when you are alone.

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    she has a demon of her own. something inside her didn't go right as she was being raised. do you know your grandparents? is she married,? does she have family? we have to learn to forgive and forget. God forgives us our transgressions and so should we. if you have to keep your children away from her to keep them from being exposed to her cruelty then that is what you have to do. no need to put your children into that kind of situation. forgive her in your heart and hold no ill will towards her. God will judge her. it is up to us to make sure that we are here not to judge but to forgive and live with love. to spread his love to all in the world. use this as a learning lesson from God. live with love and let God guide you.

    blessed be,


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    I believe in evil...Just look at the news!

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    what are you say no devil forces in our lifes but there is a power a bad power which can not explain do you know what it is aswer me {spik}

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    i dident read the long bit after your question but yes i belive in evil forces, its called RELIGION

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