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what can i do when a roommate moves out and takes my cat?

do i have any legal rights

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    Hi Stephen...legally pets are considered property. Therefore, if you have any receipts/documents with your name on it (vet, vaccinations, neuter certificate, microchip) this then is legal proof as to who is the owner. Producing these documents will be enough in a civil case against your ex-roomate. The police can only do so much after you've gone to court.

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  • You need to ask your roommate for your cat back. Doing it in a polite and pleasant manner always help. If the person refuses to give the cat back, call a rescue centre, although they may tell you that this is a civil matter. If they can't help, you need to then give the police a ring. If this was a child, it would class as abduction, so keep pushing at them until you get your cat back.

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    I would first call the roommate and ask for my cat back, if that doesnt work i would call the police. That is considered stealing. As long as you have proof that it is your cat and not the roommates. Good luck, I hope you get your cat back.

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    The cat is considered your legal property, so this is stealing. Call the cops.

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    was it your cat befor the 2 of you moved in togather , do you have any papers stateing that you paid for it in any way ,,, vet papers sales recept any thing like that, good luck in getting kitty back hope all turns out ok

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    if you bought the cat, it is legally yours. I'd go to the cops

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    call the roommate and tell them you want the cat back. if they don't, then call the police.

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    call the cops, if you can show proof that you have ownership of the cat they can get the cat for you.

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    I guess you should have something that shows that this cat belongs to you .. and then you can just have her back hopefully

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    This would be considered a civil complant and would have to be resolved in a civil court.

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