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Tigers sure got lucky that Mariano didnt pitch both 9th innings?

or they would have lost both games. Torre thought it was more important to save Mariano since Yankees have a bigger lead in their division. We will save him for playoffs.

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    Fabio, right again. The fact that we win the series 4-2 means that we would have won a playoff series. So that kinda means we got a better chance to get to the World Series than everyone else.

    Go Yanks!

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    A couple of days ago, Joe Torre said that he would no longer let Mo pitch 2 innings in a day so that he does not have too many innings on his arm before the playoffs. The next day, Mo pitched 2 innings. (It may have been 1.2 innings.) However, Torre probably just wants to have a healthy closer during the playoffs. Besides, the Yanks don't really have competition against the Sox. The Yanks have the playoff spot basically guaranteed. I know that I'd risk homefield advantage to lower the chance of Mariona Rivera getting injured or tired.

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    Let's not make a big deal about one game. The Tigers have more important issues ahead of them like keeping their lead over the White Sox and Twins. Lets not forget the Yankees won the season series with the first game yesterday.

    The Yankees have a 8 game lead over the Red Sux and Torre is right to save Mariano. After we spank the "Mighty Tigers" today we'll forget about the loss real quick.

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    Yeah, but getting home field is important as well. You can save mo in all those games against Baltimore and Tampa in September.

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    This to me shows RIvera as a weaker closer. At least at this point in his career. He needed to pitchet that inning. That to me showed his deterioration.

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    Yeah, thanks Yankees!

    Maybe Steinbrenner is mad at Reinsdorf or something.

    Go White Sox!

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