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Did God really throw a 13 mile wide asteroid 150 million miles at the earth to kill the dinosaurs?

Seems a little overkill don't you think..what did they do that was so wrong.....I ask silly questions and Christians tell me I am going to hell, what could the dinosaurs have done that warrented that reaction from Him


Christian apologists...I like it Sir

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    (Now that sounds like the question at the bottom of a bottle of Peach Schnapps) Yes He most certainly did. Terrible thing. He also visited earth about 2000 years ago and met this nice Jewish girl... people are still talking about it. (Keeping Mum). Which only proves that even divine beings get bored sometimes...

    (No disrespect to any Christians...)

    Source(s): Exterior designer came in and said: "Oh no, this is all wrong... too much teeth, too butch... everything too green and BIG - it's a total do-over. Less is more y'know"
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    I believe the dinosaurs all drown in the great flood.The reasoning why didn't Noah bring any on the ark remains a mystery,but I don't believe they are so many millions of years old.Maybe God didn't forsee a purpose for the dinosaurs for the future-size -diet-or just their nature.A fossil is created when the animal is covered quickly.The flood waters would have deposited tons and tons of sediment.Therefore covering anything that didn't get saved by Noah.People and animals.Scientist are always trying to disprove God and His existence,and trying to remove the power from Jesus.They need to just except the fact that He does exist and Jesus is who He says He is.Asking a silly question doesn't mean your going to hell.There are alot the things from the bible that alot of people don't understand.We need live our lives according to the Ten commandments every day,accept Jesus into our lives,and make sure we are saved then we can ask God when we get to heaven.

    Source(s): Christian upbringing,religous belief.
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    Well, first you would have to believe that they lived millions of years ago versus less than 6000. If you believe millions, then I would ask you how in the world did red blood cells survive that long in bones discovered by secular scientists? They DIDN'T!! Then when they realize they were disproving everything they believed in, they tried to change their mind and say they could last that long, but it's too late. The truth is out. Dinosaurs died out just like the 7 species per day that become extinct. That figure is what your lovely scientists give. You don't ever ask about anything other than dinosaurs. It has been proven they could have and did exist with man under under 6000 years ago.

    In rebuttal to dynomite dave:

    You sir are again taking MAN'S claim who is covering up their fallacies and lies on the subject. You list your source for saying it isn't true, out of context again. Keep the cover up going!! Lookat this link in response to his.

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    I'm amazed how many Christians don't know their faith and make up theories on the go...

    The general consensus of the "intellectual" Christian apologists is that the asteroid never hit, which scientifically speaking they could be correct. They believe, however, that dinasaurs and humans walked at the same time, which happens to be unsupported by all archeological evidence found. Given that they still believe that humans and dinasaurs walked at the same time period, they point the flood as being when nearly all the dinasaurs died. Somehow all the dinasaurs that swam (and fish for that matter) magically forgot how to swim (sarcasm emphasis added). So they think that the 2 of each kind they got reproduced for sometime and eventually went extinct, the same way any other species dies off.

    I must admit it is a very creative attempt by the apologists, but flawed as anything else they write.

    Source(s): P.S. The poster below me is incorrect. No red blood cells have ever been found. That is flat out untrue. And as I mentioned, there is no evidence at all that humans and dinasaurs lived at the same time. Here is a good source on the alleged T-Rex and red blood cells propaganda: I call this legit becuase it seems to gave good citations.
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    It's not really about what the Dinosaurs did. You have to think of it more like setting up a Video Game. That oil was needed for a specific reason.

    The only way to kill off those dinosaurs and position them like game pieces in certain areas around the Planet was by hurling that asteroid.

    That's why you see all these land formations constructed a certain way and where scientists will discover fossils that are located in certain areas.

    There was an article a month or so ago about a baby pachyderm that was located here in the United States.

    The Electromagnetic Field surroundingthe Planet interconnects all the human minds like Planet-Sized Brain Cells creating a Collective Consciousness functioning the same principles as the Collective Consciousness that all of your individual brain cells are interconnected by that Electrical Field for your Consciousness.

    Carl Jung developed the Theory of the Collective Unconscious, which can now be proven with today's Technology running parallel to it where people are like Organic Host Servers with an IP Address that distinguishes their distinctive brainwave patterns from the other 7 Billion Brainwave Patterns.

    The Planet is able to shift large groups of people like a magnet with people as metal shavings. It's just like when you're on the beach and able to take your hand and move grains of sand in a pattern.

    Human Beings are like that Grain of Sand. That's where that Collective Consciousness surfaces. God (or whatever Supernatural Deity you subscribe to) would be the Forest and Human Beings would be the 7 Billion Trees.

    As they say, people can't see the Forest (God) from the 7 Billion Trees on the Planet. God would be the Digital Image and Humans would be the 7 Billion Pixels that make up that image.

    People just can't see it because they're zoomed in at 1600 Magnification. So all they see are what appear to be random dots. However, if you step back far enough from a Geological Perspective, you can see the entire Painting.

    If you want to "animate God" to measure the progress, you add the 4th Dimension of Time and you, in essence, get a Video Reel that shows "God in Motion."

    The Planet has an Electromagnetic Shell Membrane that functions on the same Principles as a Plasma Shell Membrane seen in Single Cell Organisms. The only difference is that the Earth is a Planet-Sized Single Cell Organism.

    Since not all elements can pass through solid matter, it has to be in the form of Electricity because Electricity is the only thing that can travel through matter and the Elements on the Periodic Table without the atoms colliding.

    When using Electricity, that's how you get the transfer of information and data where the Electromagnetic FIeld is functioning as a Planet-Sized Local Area Network.

    Ever notice how the word LAN is in P(LAN)et?

    That's how you get a Cumulative Consciousness. The Earth has been spinning for billions of years generating an Electrical Charge. If nothing is supposedly being done with that Electricity, how come the entire Solar System isn't saturated with an Electrical Charge?

    That's because that Electrical Field is being used to power the Planet as a Living Entity.

    When you take that Electromagnetic Field that is emanating from the Iron Core and overlap it with the Matter on the Planet, that Limestone and Rock creates a "Sedimentary Circuitry Board" that functions just like Memory Space for a Geological Hard Drive.

    That's why the movie "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" talking about the Earth as a Super Computer was actually real. That's how you get a Conscious or Living Planet.

    People always talk about how God supposedly knows everything and is "All-Knowing." Well if the Planet is a Super Computer and understands how it functions, it would also understand all about the Internet, Local Area Networks, Marketing, Electromagnetic FIelds, IP Addresses, and Serial ID Numbers.

    That's how the Planet is able to create a Remote Control System that can plug into people's Subconscious Minds directing or steering them.

    - Mother Earth would be the Producer

    - God would be the Director

    - Film Crew would be the "Angels" you don't see on Camera

    - Subconscious Minds would be the Actors

    - Conscious Minds would be the Characters in the Movie/T.V. Show

    - Script would be the Plan that all the Subconscious Minds are sharing

    The Subconscious Collective would be a Homogeneous Group where all Planet-Sized Brain Cells share the same data in the same way all your brain cells are linked together giving you Conscious Thought. Think like the Borg Queen in "Star Trek"

    The Conscious Collective would be the Independent Brain Cells that are distended.

    People wonder why people can't hear what's going on in the Subconscious Collective. If they did, it would be disastrous from a Business Perspective. If a person was assigned to die on a certain day, that person might chicken out and miss his deadline.

    If a person knew he was slated to die at age 17, do you think his parents would love him like a regular person, or would they distance themselves and look at him as a lost cause?

    If you knew you were going to die at age 13, why bother going to school? Why even bother preparing to go to college? If people knew they were slated to die at age 13, they'd go and get drunk or get laid. They'd go borrow money the day before they die and go blow it on parties.

    You see an example of this in "Bruce Almighty" where Bruce is God for a little while and he wakes up hearing voices, which represent the Prayers that are getting directed to him.

    The reason why that Subconscious Barrier is there is so that you don't go insane hearing 7 Billion Thoughts talking to you at once. You wouldn't be able to concentrate.

    Getting back to your question, the Dinosaurs although primitave were also under that same Remote Control System. They were just stupid and being moved around like Dumb Machinery.

    So when the Sun was calculating when the Asteroid would collide with the Planet, the Earth was positioning all the "Dinosaur Game Pieces" where they needed to be so that all the Oil Deposits would be where they needed to be millions of years later for Human Consumption.

    It was like baking bread using a Universal Recipe and where all the ingredients had to be added. That oil was needed and the only way to create that "sludge" with all the dead and decaying dinosaur carcasses was by slamming an asteroid into the Planet to create that humungous Dust Cloud to blot out the Sunlight.

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    If that's gonna hit in an hour, the possibilities are high that existence will already have ended, the two by using photograph voltaic being blocked or some thing, or by ability of bits falling off and hitting earth. all human beings'd be ineffective, is what i'm asserting.

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    According to christians the earth was not here then, dinosaurs co-existed with humans apparently ...

    better ask what the earth did to warent being visited by a plague of hypocritical self-serving, but ultimatly self-destructive, humans; eg thou shalt not kill - but you can scatter 100,000 unexploded cluster bomblets in what were a short while ago, civilian areas

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    Its unknown how he destroyed the dinosaurs but it is known why. It was part of His plan for the world to run. Its a complex topic. Dinosaurs were from another world He destroyed worlds at certain periods so others could be created.

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    Know he was passing a kidney stone. Chiristians are funny to make fun of- just remind them that the earth is not the center of the universe, and the world is not flat.

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    That is apparently what happened according to a widely accepted scientific theory, except for the "God throwing it" part.

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