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is anyone else upset that supernova got rid of ryan last night?

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    I was shocked! Ryan is such a great singer and performer. I can't believe it! I think Storm should have left. Actually, I think Storm's on the wrong show. She needs to be on one auditioning for porno!! And I really liked Dilano, but after her comments and crazed actions, I'm not a great fan of hers now. I'm rooting for Toby,Magni and Lucas now.

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    yes i was extremely upset, at first i really like Dilina, but for about a month now i have really started to like Ryan. I think that yes Dilina has been good since week one, but i haven't seen where she has gone up she only stays at the same good level. I'm not even sure I'm going to watch it anymore. I think that storm doesn't even really care if she is there or not, she only seem along for the ride. and i have never understood why everyone love Lukas, i think he has sucked from the start. the only good performance he has given was when he did Creep. I think Toby is just a passing fad, so i guess i will have to start backing the Iceman, Magi, i think the reason why he wasn't in the bottom 3 last night was cause he almost blew a blood vessel in he head singing that song, did anyone else notice that? fantastic.

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    I'm not upset, a little surprised though. I thought Storm was going last night, even though I like her. I think the reason he was let go is due to the fact that he was doing too much. When he climbed up on to the speakers last night Gilby rolled his eyes. I think all the little extra things he was doing on stage were actually hurting not helping his performance.

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    They had to get rid of someone...and since Dilana is their "Pet" and Storm is my favorite... it didn't bother me.

    I do believe the whole show is fixed though. I don't believe Magni got the highest # of votes.. I just think if he was in the bottom 3 again..SN would have no choice but to get rid of him, which they don't wanna do yet.... and they put Dilana in the bottom 3..as some sort of rumor control.... to make it look as if she hasn't already been chosen by them as the winner.

    I know..I know.. lol.. I need to get out more.. sad when you have conspiracy theories on television programs.

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    im not upset at all.......glad he was the one to go. he is too brooding, and no facial expressions make him boring. i dont think he could hold a tune either...a lot of his songs were so off key, it was like listening to nails on a blackboard.

    storm will be next, im sure.

    dilana deserved to be in the bottom three. her song rocked but her attitude and temper tantrum made her a big looser. i thought she was so strong, and nice, but she proved that to be wrong. when she threw the glass, and it cut magni's head, i no longer wish her to be the winner.

    magni can sing the best, but doesnt have as much stage presence as dilana and toby.

    lucas will probally be their choice.

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    oh boo hoo

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