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what are the best foods for an African child for a healthy growth and brain activation?

does the foods a child takes affect his mental capacity and to what extent?

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    All children, African or not, must have the proper nutrition in order to grow healthy.

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    A child needs protein, fat and complex carbohydrates daily in order for proper brain and somatic growth and development. The fat is more important in the first three years, as proper myelination (insulation) of the brain is largely dependent on the presence of the components in the fat molecules.

    You obviously have access to a computer and the internet. This information is not difficult to find online, and at different levels of understanding. I suggest you type in the words "childhood" and "nutrition" and find one that is at your own level of understanding.

    Nutrition is of prime importance, particularly in early childhood. Nationality has nothing to do with this, it is the same for all human children.

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    To be honest it doesnt matter what nationallity the child is. I have been told it is best to Eat fish for brain development.

    It is not scientifically proven but you can only try differnt foods. Just make sure your child has a healty Balanced diet and eveything will be fine

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    Read Let's Have Healthy CHildren by Adelle Davis for an in depth discussion of how to feed kids (and adults)

    Available on

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    The healthiest diets on the planet are found in rural Asia. It's mostly vegetables. The frequency of diet related illnesses like diabetes and breast cancer are practically non-existent there.

    'Nuff said?

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    sprouted alfa alfa wheat.almond soaked in water over night taken with milk and honey taken early in the morning.Its true the food one takes affects his mental capacity.

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    Same as any other child

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    feed the child literature and tons of it.

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    all that's natural it's good for some help you can use clay, read about it and try it!

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