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wireless problem?


i am having a problem with my wireless laptop... its not connecting me to the internet using the wireless network..

the light to enable wireless automatically goes on n off every second...

i try to do the ipconfig / renew etc

but it tells me that media disconnected...

i tried everythg but havent got any more solution..



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    You may need to get update drivers that sounds like the problem.

    Goto to Vendor website and download the latest driver. That should do it

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    1. First Enable it.

    2. get a netstumbler from

    check the network is realy working or not?

    or change the Card.

    but Have u installed any antivirus software? if No first install one update it then scan your Laptop. There is virus for doing this. You will be surprised.

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    First you need to make sure no micrwave ovens, radios. or any other thing that will broadcast a signal. Then make sure you are close to the router or LAN. If that does not contact you internet company.

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    it sounds like either a hardware problem or a driver problem. buy a new wireless card and see if that works.

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  • 1 decade ago

    change wifi card

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