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pls help me for MS DOS?

I want to work on MS DOS Pls tell me something abt that . I mean to say that i want to know some commands like CLS , DIR . Pls help

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    Here are some:

    ATTRIB - displays or changes file attributes

    CHDIR or CD - displays the name of the current directory or changes the current directory

    CHKDSK - checks the status of a disk and displays a status report; it can also fix disk errors

    CLS - clears the screen

    COPY - copies one or more files to a destination you specify

    DEL - deletes the files you specify

    DELTREE - deletes a directory and all the files and subdirectories that are in it

    DIR - displays the files and subdirectories that are in the directory you specify

    DISKCOPY - copies the entire contents of one floppy disk to another floppy disk. It writes over the existing contents of the destination disk as it copies the new information on it.

    ECHO - displays or hides the text in batch programs when the program is running.

    EDIT - starts MS-DOS Editor, a text editor you can use to create and edit ASCII text files.

    DEL or ERASE - deletes the files you specify

    EXIT - quits the MS-DOS command interpreter and returns to the program that started it, if one exists.

    FASTHELP - displays a list of all MS-DOS 6 commands and gives a short explanation of each.

    FIND - searches for a specific string of text in a file or files

    FORMAT - formats a disk for use with MS-DOS

    HELP - starts MS-DOS Help

    MKDIR or MD - creates a directory

    MEM - displays the amount of used and free memory on your computer

    MORE - displays one screen of output at a time

    MOVE - moves one or more files to the location you specify

    MSBACKUP - backs up or restores one or more files from one disk onto another

    MSD - Provides technical information about your computer

    PRINT - prints a text file while you are using other MS-DOS commands

    QBASIC - starts MS-DOS Qbasic

    RD or RMDIR - deletes a directory

    REN - changes the name of the file or files you specify

    RMDIR or RD - deletes a directory

    SCANDISK - starts a disk analysis and repair tool that checks a drive for errors and corrects any problems that it finds.

    TREE - graphicaly displays the structure of a directory

    UNDELETE - restores files that were deleted previously by using the DEL command

    VER - displays the MS-DOS version number

    XCOPY - copies directories , their subdirectories, and files except hidden and system files.

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    I’ll tell you how to access all the available DOS commands with out accessing the internet.

    - Click “Start -> Run”

    - Type “cmd” (no double quotes)

    - Once you get the console, type “help” (no double quotes) and press enter

    - Can you see the list and description?

    - If you want to know about a specific command just type it like this (Say DIR)

    - dir /?

    - This will give you all the options and a description about the command too

    Source(s): I have lot of experience with MS DOS. I know its old, but I used to be a very good power user of it. I still like those good old days!
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    You can sometimes find an old MS DOS manual at a library or thrift shop. MS DOS has hundreds of simple commands like those you've mentionned.

    Microsoft decided DOS is too low-level for todays Windows XP or 2000 computers so it is little by little eliminating any reference to DOS.

    You'd probably be better off studying DOS EQUUS then MS DOS.

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    and there are plenty of other websites with similar information.

    On its own (as a command line interface) it's useful but not tremendously so. When you get to batch file processing, especially with replaceable parameters, it can become a very powerful tool.

    Even though Windows is no longer based on DOS, one can still use commands at the command prompt and create batch files with which you can automate tasks (and these can be run from a shortcut on the desktop, like other programs.)

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    I can only help you with a few. To open a directory, type in 'chdir' (without the quotes) and a space then the directories name. In some cases, that name will be abbreviated, in that case, type in 'dir' to list the folders (and files) by their dos names. To change the current drive, just enter 'x:' at the promt, x being the drive letter. Typing the path to a file should execute it. That's about all I know. Hope it helps!

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    Check out this site, very helpful dos commands with explanations.

    Also at the command line (Start->Run->Type CMD->Enter) you can just type HELP, which you give you a list of what commands are and what they do, further help can be obtained by typing help + a command.

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    Xp : GUI[Graphical user Interface],Easy to use,multi taskiing, multi user. Ms DOS :Command Line Interface,single user,single-tasking system,[still powerful,advantage : small size,can even run from a floppy disk[without installing it to hard disk]

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    It really all depends on what you are trying to do. This site has a nice list and explanation of dos commands.

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    CD -> Change Directory

    CD.. -> Change Directory back One Step

    CD\ -> Change Directory back to Root

    MD -> make Directory

    Ask what else you want to know.

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    in DOS enviroment you type help , it list for you internal commands of DOS ,

    you can test commands by :

    in command line you type :

    c:\> cd -help


    C:\> copy con -help

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