WHAT HAPPENED NEXT: Let me tell you a story and the best ending gets the points?

The Morning Badger.

The Morning Badger crawled out of his burrow in the early morning. He had been up late the night before drinking his Badger Brew at the Badger Bar. As he surfaced into the light of the day he realsed that his stripey coat was a little dulled by the evenings festivities. It did not help either that his Badger Boss was at work and he would have to spend the day there ringing lots of boring business Badgers to sell them stuff they don't want.

Nevertheless, the Morning Badgerbraved his way across the woodland floor through the rain and what looked like snow to the Badger Office. He got a Badger coffee and sat down to pretend to work really hard and impress all the other Badgers around him.

His little Badger brain was pounding from all the Badger juice.....

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    when suddenly Badger Tiffany came to him with a Badger aspirin and his second cup of Badger coffee.

    She sat down beside him and asked if he had a good time the night before at the Badger Bar? Morning Badger was confused at her question. The big Badger grin she had told him something.

    Morning Badger went on with his Badger day and boring business. At the end of the Badger work day, Badger Tiffany followed him home. AND NEVER LEFT!!!!!


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    Then he realized as his Bager Brain Banged from belting down the Badger Brew, at the Badger Bar, and he would be blamed by the Badger Boss, in the Badger Office, for boasting of becoming a bufoon before the blooming business Badgers, who bought balloons to bite with their bicuspids better than that Beloved Bitter Badger Beauregard who Blew basically Blue bubbles not bobbles nor beads, but by the Bowery beneath the bannister, behind the brickwall of the Beligerant Badger Barister who brought the Badger juice for the Morning Badger who knew the mourning in the Morning from the Better Badger who briefly bragged, without begging the boring Badgers, who belittled the beleagured Morning Badger whose Brain banged not only of Badger juice, and the bombastic telling of his tale, but basicaly it was the body odor of the Badgers all around him. The Morning Badger was heard to say,

    Badgers!!!! Badgers! !!!

    I don't need no stinking Badgers!!

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    When out of nowhere a loud and I mean a loud BANG infiltrated and shook the area around him and his hurting Badger brain...What in the world could it possibly be? Was it intended for this Badger? White shaking and head down now gave away his Badger intentions of being an ideal Badger employee climbing the Badger administration ladder...But he must and I mean must find the cause of the loud BANG or the day was for not...

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    he was in desparate need of a bagerasprin,so he wobbled off his chair..down the coridoor and into the tea room,there he got a tablet and swollowd it with water,thinking he will just sit down for a sec he hobbled up to the chair and clossed his eyes(just for a sec he thought)..suddenly he was woken by a large rumbleing noise,he shot strait up and noticed the building was falling to pieces....he ran back to the office were he noticed no one was left everyone had gone....so he ran to the bar even tho like the office it was empty but still bits of plaster was falling from the walls.....he had a choise,he could run far far away from the building..or could take advantage of an empty bar.so he sat upon the chair and started knocking bACK the pints as quick as he could one after another after another untill he was so drunk he couldnt move THEN SUDDENLY he looked up and see this huge rock coming towards him but the more he tried to move the more stiff his body became BANG,he awoke on the chair in the tea room.it was all a dream.in walked the boss and sacked him for drinking the bar dry...the night befor work

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    I don't have a continuation for this but where I come from the Morning Badger is the one that visits just before you wake up the morning after a drunken night. When he visits he sh*ts in your mouth and that's why you have the icky taste when you wake up.


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    so he got out his little Badger aspirin, and all of a sudden felt a sensation of wetness, and then MR. X woke up and to his shocking dismay, had peed in the bed.

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    when all of a sudden a cute, little, Badger secretary showed up and swept him off his feet. He asked her to lunch and dinner and they fell so deeply in love that they ran away to Badger heaven never to be seen again.

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    there is not something to do, so could desire to to boot. July 26, born in Texas. while Taylor grew to become 4, they moved to Boston, Massachusetts, and Bryan arrived. moving from one place to a distinctive, they Smith's had 5 little ones. 2 ladies, 3 boys. Oldest-Taylor, 2d oldest-Bryan, third oldest-Savannah, 4th oldest-Trevor, 5th oldest- Ryan. in the previous Taylor entered center college, Ryan died from maximum cancers and then the Smith's had yet another toddler, named Catalina. using fact the years exceeded on, the Smith's lead a protracted and wholesome life. Taylor fulfilled her dream as working in a vet's workplace, Bryan is almost graduating, etc. (this area gets make believe) Taylor additionally grew to develop right into a billionaire (:o i desire that) and Bryan grew to develop right into a physician. Savannah grew to develop into the youngest President of all time, Trevor went into the army, and Catalina grew to become into generic using fact the Prettiest lady of all Time. (she had a million bf's) and their mothers and fathers died fortunately understanding that their babies have been valuable. Taylor had a toddler named Amanda, and a touch one boy call Grayson. Bryan had a touch one boy named Jake, savannah had 2 twins named Sasha and Jynette, and Catalina had 2 twins named Hannah and Tyler, and a touch one boy named Ivan. the tip. (wow that spent approximately 10 minutes)

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    which he was allergic to and he was rushed to hospital where mother badger showed up and told him "you and your short memory why don't you just listen to me and get in in your brain,YOUR ALLERGIC TO BADGER JUICE AND COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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    then he thought to himself, hey life could be worse. I could be Kevin Federline! He felt much relief.

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