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any cheats for sims two ?

i need to know the cheat code for the game sims two . because my sims dont have enough money.

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    The Sims 2 Cheat in PC : press Ctrl + Shift + C then write motherlode (add 50000 simeloans)

    The Sims 2 Cheat in PS 2 : Activate Gnome Code (L1, R1, Up, X, R2) , Then Press R1, L1, R2, Right, Left(add 9999 simeloans)

  • I'm going to watch this, you didn't say if it was computor or ps2, I need help on ps2. I know 2 cheats for sims one on ps2, press down on the start screen with all the top butons, or it might have only been 2, I haven't played in a while and put in freeall, which makes stuff free, and midas which unlocks everything, so what i did then for money, is buy some land then buy a load of hot tubs, save. turn off, then sell them all. Then save. Then go back to menue then put in the cheats, make ur house and play.

  • press Strg-Shift-C, then enter:

    moveObjects on/off

    gives you the ability to move all Objects, even Sims, cars, you're even able to cover the street with a carpet or let it disappear completely

    aging -on/off

    Sims will stop becoming older ;)

    this are the cheats I use very often.

    Well but I think if you have got sims 2 you can also look it up on your own if you search in the Menu for EA Games > TheSims2>Readme

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    contained locally, open the cheat field (carry shift and ctrl and push C) and kind in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled actual" once you get right into a house, there could be some numbers contained in the better precise nook to teach that the cheat is enabled. you could drag motives, skills, personality factors, and relationships both up and down. fairly a lot something horizontal...

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    press crtl+alt+shift+~

    enter the cheat: motherlode

    it gives money(10000)

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    why cheat? i'm playing Sims Nightlife and now i have over 200000 simleons ...i don't know how to spend it ! carry on ..and u'll get enough money.... more than enough

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    try Shift 4

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    the money cheat is 'motherlode'.you get 50,000 simoleons or whatever there called.

    heres a list just in case you need another cheat:oh yeah and some of them might not make sense

    To access the 'Cheat' window press Ctrl + Shift + C then enter the following codes:

    List cheats:

    Help -all

    Expands or contracts Cheat window:


    Closes Cheat window:


    Clears all cheat codes on the screen, but codes are still in effect:


    Increases game performance but lowers graphics:

    Vsync (on/off)

    Windowed mode:


    Start with desired resolution (in pixels):

    -r(width) x (height)

    Fullscreen mode:


    Disables sound:


    Get 1000 Cash:


    50,000 Simoleans:


    Puts the game in slow motion. Enter any number that 0 through 8 (0=fastest and 8=slowest):slowmotion

    Makes your Sims larger or smaller:


    Allows you to change elevation of floor tiles:

    Boolprop constrainFloorElevation false

    Disables the ability to change elevation of floor tiles:

    Boolprop constrainFloorElevation true

    Turn on aging:

    Aging on

    Turn off aging:

    Aging off

    Turns off facial bounding limitations. It prevents the normal corrections the game will make for two parents with very different facial structures:

    FaceBlendLimits (on/off)

    You can invite more people to your parties:

    IntProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 8

    Takes off censoring:

    Intprop censorgridsize 0

    You can tell what social reaction will happen before you do it:


    Turns Postprocessing on:

    BoolProp enablePostProcessing true

    Turns Postprocessing off:

    BoolProp enablePostProcessing false

    Set to true and cars will have more detail in neighborhood:

    Boolprop carsCompact (True/False)

    Set to true to show lot information:

    Boolprop lotInfoAdvancedMode (True/False)

    Set to false to place floor tiles outside lot:

    Boolprop locktiles (True/False)

    Set to false to remove removes water (ponds) from lots:

    Boolprop lotWater (True/False)

    Set to false to remove floorpainting on lot:

    Boolprop lotTerrainPaints (True/False)

    Set to false to remove props like rocks and towers from neighborhood:

    Boolprop displayNeighborhoodProps (True/False)

    Set to true to light up objects continuously instead of only when used:

    Boolprop allObjectLightsOn (True/False)

    Set to false to remove roads from neighborhood:

    Boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoads (True/False)

    Set to false to removes trees/plants from neighborhood:

    Boolprop displayNeighborhoodFlora (True/False)

    Set to false to remove water from neighborhood:

    Boolprop displayNeighborhoodWater (True/False)

    Set to false to removes house graphics from neighborhood:

    Boolprop displayLotImposters (True/False)

    Set to false to remove bridges from neighborhood:

    Boolprop displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel (True/False)

    Set to false and lots will not light up when highlighted in neighborhood:

    Boolprop lotTerrainLighting (True/False)

    Set to false to remove removes shadows on objects outside house:

    Boolprop objectShadows (True/False)

    Set to false to remove shadows on objects inside house:

    BoolProp guob (True/False)

    Set to true and walls will no longer cut away from selected Sim:

    Boolprop renderSelectedSimLevel (True/False)

    Set to true to see the path where the selected Sim walks to:

    BoolProp displayPaths (True/False)

    Set to true and blocks appear on Sims faces and on parts where Sims look at:

    Boolprop displayLookAtBoxes (True/False)

    Toggle shadows on/off for Sims:

    BoolProp simShadows (True/False)

    In neighborhood, shows filename of house when lot is highlighted:

    Boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename (True/False)

    You can place objects outside the grid:

    BoolProp snapObjectsToGrid (True/False)

    Moves objects and deletes you couldnt before:

    Moveobjects (on/off)

    Lets you know if theres a patch:

    Autopatch (on/off)

    Sitcom flashback blur effect (# = 0.0 to 1.0) (require postprocessing on):

    Bloom rgb #

    Blurry bits at the edge of the screen. (# = 0.0 to 1.0) (require postprocessing on):

    Vignette # # #

    Makes the screen grainy. (# = 0.0 to 1.0) (require postprocessing on):

    FilmGrain #

    Adds a letterbox effect to the view. (# = 0.0 to 0.4) (require postprocessing on):

    LetterBox #

    Remove every Sim from the neighborhood (neighborhood view only):


    Toggle between the two terrain types (neighborhood view only):

    TerrainType (desert/temperate)

    Debug Mode:

    Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the Cheat menu then enter the following:

    BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.

    While in Create-a-Sim press Shift + N before creating your first Sim to enable skintones, clothes, and hairstles that would normally be used only by NPCs.

    Press Shift + M to disable it. Bring up the Debug menu by presssing Shift + Click on a Sim while in Live mode.

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    u didnt say if it was pc ps2 etc so go to the link below

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    No idea....

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