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girlfriend during orgasm...strange thing?

well.....once while my gf was having an orgasm i ocasionally caressed her feet....i have to say she is very ticklish there....she asked me yesterday to sit on her legs so that she could not pull back her feet and tickle the soles of her feet in the moment that the orgasm begins (she was masturbating....sometimes we do this game of masturbate while the other watches or helps)...don't u think it is strange?????normally she doesn't stand her feet tickled not even one second.....but she told that having her soles tickled during orgasm prolonged it and made it incredibly intense...anyone else ever heard something like this????

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    yes, my partner n me have something similar.but its in intercouse. the tickling sensation to her somehow diverts her attention from orgasm a little bit when u r sitting on her legs, she is unable to move her legs due to ur weight on them but tickling wants her to remove,and orgasm stops reaching to extreme, her attention again goes back to her orgasm and she starts masturbating again

    this process of feeling of orgasm-- tickiling --orgasm goes which results in prolonged and intense orgasm

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    Sounds like fun to me. If the two of you enjoy it and get pleasure from it then it's not strange.

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    nothing is strange behind closed doors as long as it is mutually satisfing.Everyone is different and as long as it isn't hurting anybody....

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    that's enjoyable for as long no one sees it in public... do it more often..

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