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Pregnant teenager?

I'm just 18 years old and I'm 17wks preg. All my family gives me all the support, even my boyfriend he loves me and the baby with all his heart. But I'm always feeling worried and nervous on certain things that I know I shouldn't have. Ex last week I was obsessed that I have hiv! I know that I'm not a slut and I just had 2 other relationships in the past. I just keep worrying on all the things about my baby.. being sensitive for nothing.. crying for nothing. Am I freaking out? Or I guess these are just hormonal changes and stress! I thought of taking the hiv test so I wouldn't keep on stressing about it.

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    First of all, congratulations!!! Being a mother is a miracle and a responsibility, you're lucky to have all the support and love you have around you right now!!! It's super normal to feel worried and stressed out, remember that when you're pregnant your hormones are *all over* and this can stress you out, make you more sensitive, etc... that's just normal, you just have to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

    Maybe you could start reading a good book on pregnancy ("What to expect when you're expecting" is the Best-Seller on that and always recommended) so that you can understand all the stages of pregnancy and become aware of what's happening to you and to your baby step by step. I've always thought that "knowledge is power" so it would be good, and might help you to cope better with all the changes that your body and your psyche is going thru right now.

    If you're worried about HIV...... just tell that to your ob/gyn and ask for a test, then you'll take that our of your mind, and anyway is better to know beforehand (don't worry, I'm sure you're OK!)

    Take good care of yourself and your baby, enjoy what's happening to you, and be grateful of the fact that you're loved and supported! Every time you're stressed out, take some time for yourself, relax, breathe and imagine yourself holding that little miracle you have inside yourself... and smile!! :-)

    Enjoy your day and best of luck for you!

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    If your OB/GYN will give you the HIV test take it... it will help calm your nerves. No need to be overly excited right now... take it easy so the baby doens't feel your stress..... you need to stay as calm as possible so the baby hopefully wont be so high strung when they are born.

    It is normal to be worried but dont take it too extreme. I had my son almost 3 years ago and know all the thoughts that run through your head.

    Welcome to the hormonal changes... and it beware it may get even a little more stressful after the baby is born with post pardum depression... just know that it will pass also... but if it is too extreme be sure to talk to your doctor.

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    I agree. i'm 28 and in no way a lot as had a being pregnant scare. I knew that sex=infant and all started the pill formerly I ever had sex. i extremely do not trust all the "It became an coincidence" stuff because you do not have sex through coincidence. i'm a instructor and that i see the hardships that those toddlers, raised through youngsters flow through. I purely choose kids could understand that through having a touch one they're choosing to diminish to rubble yet another persons existence. Their newborn's. It makes me ill when I listen of teenage having toddlers on objective as well. What the heck are they questioning? heavily, no individual could ought to pay for you blunders, exceptionally not a baby. Please understand i'm talking about youthful youngsters. not 18 and 19 year olds. i understand some youngster moms who did very good jobs even with the undeniable fact that it became not ordinary for them and their toddlers. There are continuously exceptions.

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    You're just scared because of all the changes going on in your life...not to mention hormones! Trust me they can do a number on you. As for the HIV, most doctors will test you when you are pregnant or at least ask you if you want to be. It's standard procedure.

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    Here in the UK you get automatically tested for HIV (amongst many other things) when you go for your first scan. Do they not give you that automatically in the States?

    Your crying is due to hormone levels fluctuation.

    I do not understand why that other person said about married or not married. Whether you are married or not will not affect your baby in any way whatsoever.

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    Okay, I am gonna be blunt because you are living in 'lala land'. You obviously have had poor sex education. You don't have HIV because you just had two past relationships? That has to be the dumbest thing I ever heard. You don't 'build up' an std in your system by having a certain number of partners. You get it through one single, intimate encounter with another human being. And by intimate, I mean close contact, such as sex (and yes oral is sex), sharing needles, etc.

    If you don't understand the basics of the acts you are participating in, it is no wonder that you are unmarried and pregnant.

    You need to find a health clinic and read everything they have on sex and disease and pregnancy. Then head to the library and do the same. Next, go to the doctor and explain you don't have a clue about life and you are about to be responsible for another. Beg for help because you need it. After that enroll in parenting classes, and pray your child will be smarter.

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    they will offer the hiv test at some point during you dr. visits for the baby... that way if you are they can treat it so the baby has less of a chance of getting it..... set you mind at ease, being pregnant is a roller coaster ride of will cry and laugh for no apparent reason, you will get aches and pains in places you did not know existed, and you will be tired all the time but can not sleep comfortably.... it is just part of pregnancy.... good luck and stop worrying. the fact that you are worried denotes that you will probably be a really good mommy. good luck and enjoy giving life to another, it is something special!

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    Although pregnancy is often portrayed as a time of great joy, that's not the reality for all women. At least one in ten pregnant women suffers from bouts of depression.

    For years, experts mistakenly believed that pregnancy hormones protected against depression, leaving women more vulnerable to the illness only after the baby was born and their hormone levels plunged. They now believe that the rapid increase in hormone levels at the start of pregnancy can disrupt brain chemistry and lead to depression.

    Hormonal changes can also make you feel more anxious than usual. Anxiety is another condition that can and should be treated during pregnancy.

    Depression and anxiety may go undiagnosed because women often dismiss their feelings, chalking them up to the temporary moodiness that often accompanies pregnancy. So don't be shy about letting your doctor or midwife know if you feel low. Your emotional health is every bit as important as your physical health. And in fact, it can affect your physical health.

    Research has shown, for instance, that depression and anxiety can increase your risk for preterm labor. Untreated, these conditions can hamper your ability to care for yourself and your developing baby.

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    I'm fairily sure you had an HIV test at or right after your first visit(they may have done it in the office or sent you with an order to an outside lab).....tell your doctor you are becoming emotionally unstable....he/she will be able to tell you what to do to change it.....or you could just concentrate on the problem at you have everything you need for the baby? crib? playpen(packnplay)? security blanket? pacifier? clothes, boy/girl/neutral just in case? is your room ready for all of baby's things(if he will be staying in your room)? the nursery(if he will have his own room)? this should help keep your mind off things......I had the same problem when I was pregnant.....except I asked about all the tests I was getting, and HIV was one of them!

    Source(s): P.S. you should get "What to Expect When You're Expecting" anyways....has all your answers there.....if you can't find it there, you had better ask your doctor.
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    The best way to thwart any long term trauma is to go in for HIV test which is very easily accessible these days. It will definitely reduce your fear and unnecessary tension in your mind. After the test, your life will certainly be better with certain good results.

    Have a nice delivery.

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