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were Moving and I don't know How my dogs and cats will handle, due to the part that they get afraid reallyfast

Yeah Im moving and I have 2 cats 2 dogs and we take care of a cat for someone else so 3 cats. anyway were moving and my 7 yearold dog has lived here almost her whole life along with the cats we have. We just got a new puppy too. Im more worried about My dog Because she and two of our cats get fritghened beyond easy. I know one reason is because she and the 2 cats are fairly Old.

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    The last time that I moved I just let my dog explore the house on his own at his own pace. I made sure to show him where his food and water would be kept so he knew that he would be taken care of. I also scattered around all of his favorite toys so he would feel more at home. Also, be sure to stick around for awhile so they don't feel like they are going to be abandoned. You can always use some treats too... it always seems to do the trick with my dog. hope that helps! and good luck with the move!

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    it could take extra time for the cats and canine to get to understand one yet another. watch them very intently even nevertheless the canine does not look like she is wanting to attack. if she acts like she might desire to easily right the habit on the instant.

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    poor those dogs and cats

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