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Is it fattening to chew and swallow Big Red gum all the time?

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    I am SO glad to see that people still believe that old myth that gum stays in the stomach for "years". I will set this straight: NOTHING, except your normal stomach acid, sits in your stomach for longer than 8-12 hours.

    Gum contains appx 3- 7 calories a stick. It also may have an unhealthy amount of sugar. It depends on what "all the time" means to you...but gum is passed normally through your bowels like everything else.

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    Not fattening just dangerous and unhealthy. It burns calories because chewing and not swallowing gets your body ready to digest, so technically in a way gum even makes you hungry. If it doesn't get stuck in your throat on the way down it will stay stuck in your stomach/ digestive tract for years and that's never healthy. If you chew gum 'all the time' as you say and swallow it just as often then you're going to be plugged up like a blocked drain.

    So do spit it out.

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    Depends on how much you are swallowing. Are you swallowing gum by the pack, or just a couple pieces of day? Swallowing the gum can't be any more fattening than swallowing food with the same amount of calories. Why are you swallowing your gum anyway? Just spit it out. And why are you worrying about the fat content of gum? Has your concern with dieting gone too far?

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    Fattening? From what people say, you would think it would keep you from gaining weight rather than making you fat, since supposedly it just sits there and never gets digested...or so they say. By this theory, the gum would take up room in your stomach leaving little room for other digestible foods to enter, thus making you feel full before you actually are. Sounds like an interesting way to keep from eating too much....hmmm. My inventive mind is at work again. If only it were true, but I think gum really is digestible.

    Good question~ I'll have to delve into this deeper and get back to you.

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    Chewing isn't fattening, chewing too much can act as a laxative though and swallowing an old wive's tale suggests it makes you constipated.

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    Take their advice...never swallow gum it gets stuck in your stomach for years. Chewing gum can be alright though.

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    Chewing gum is a good way to burn up calories. However it doesnt help your teeth much. Swallowing it is bad for your digestive system and can be in your digestive system for years.

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    even though I don't reccomend it, swallowed gum will pass through your digestive track whole. it will not dissolve and will not be any more calories than what sugar is swallowed when chewed. but just spit it out. ewww.

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    chewing gum burns calories, so i doubt it. but it is not good for your digestive tract.

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