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If a child is born blind, how do they dream?

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    Here's the answer:

    (Abstract) "Drawing on a sample of 372 dreams from 15 blind adults, this paper presents two separate analyses that replicate and extend findings from previous studies. The first analysis employed DreamSearch, a software program designed for use with dream narratives, to examine the appearance of the five sensory modalities. It revealed that those blind since birth or very early childhood had (1) no visual imagery and (2) a very high percentage of gustatory, olfactory, and tactual sensory references. The second analysis found that both male and female participants differed from their sighted counterparts in the same ways on several Hall and Van de Castle (1966) coding categories, including a high percentage of locomotion/transportation dreams that contained at least one dreamer-involved misfortune. The findings on sensory references and dreamer-involved misfortunes in locomotion/transportation dreams are interpreted as evidence for the continuity between dream content and waking cognition."

    Source(s): ("The Dreams of Blind Men and Women: A Replication and Extension of Previous Findings")
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    I believe that a blind child will be able to tell you how she/he dreams better than anyone else would be able to. Of course you would have to wait until the child can speak.

    Maybe googling Helen Keller would bring you many answers to your question. In case you didn't know, she became deaf and blind after an illness.

    You can also go to the website listed below. You will find very interesting information

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    From Andy’s quotation, we can draw a first answer: no visual dream for blind since birth. But it also has a corollary: one can only dream based on accumulated sensory memories. That is, since there is a continuity between dream content and waking condition, it means that our sensory activities in the future, both dreamt and awakened depend on the memories as well. The same could be said of more abstract and intellectual activities. They are intimately related to past intellectual elaborations.

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    That's a really interesting question, I can only imagine there dreams are mad up from there other senses, we remember our dreams as mainly visual experiences but I have had conversations in my dreams so it must be possible to 'hear' in a dream. The senses are linked, I remeber in philosophy a philosopher who reported somebody who was blind saying they had never seen scarlet but imagined it as the sound of a trumpet!

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    basically a human being has 5 seances in his body, and those seances helps their brain to function well from their environment.

    Now if he/she lacks either one of them he/she might as well depend on the 4 remaining. so you asked "If a child is born blind, how do they dream?". well a child can touch, feel, taste and hear so it'll make some sort of a picture in it's brain and helps it to know the idea of the environment that he/she is on.

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    I don't know for sure about young children because they can't tell us. I imagine their dreams though come from their interpretations of the sounds around them. Older children have said that they see color and shapes. But we're not sure if it's 3D or not. We'll never know but it would be very interesting to find out.

  • they dream like a child

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    I understands dreams to be our thoughts emotions imagination

    When we sleep distractions our senses pick up are limited so our senses are hightened because we have no distractions other than thoughts emotions and imagination

    These are what I think dreams are made of

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    Feelings, sounds, smells, tastes, the mind has lots of input even before a person is born.

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    they dream just like you and me......dream does not discriminate....why don't you have a conversation with blind kids and ask what did they dream about? i am very sure you be knocked off your shoes!!!!!!

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