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why are some people not considerate of others?

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    i think its the way they are brought up parents these days tend to teach their children to take what they can and be nasty to others before they are nasty to you. so basicly i blame the parents

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    Generally speaking, it's because as we've advanced as a society, we "expect" to be happy. A good example is the ticket check-in at an airport. Where do you think they get more angry customers, first class or coach? Obviously, it's first class because they "expect" more for their money. That it, their expecations are higher in regards to happiness. Just as our expectations in some societies are higher to those in others, their level of "consideration" is often higher as well. We all do it to one extent or another, but some do it a bit more.

    However, this is a general statement. Some people are also just assoles.

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    Bad parenting would be a start. If the parents did not bother to teach manners, I would assume that these people could only consider themselves when deciding upon a course of action. Otherwise they may just be bad eggs as a result of not having someone call them on their erroneous behaviors. Personally, I would think an adult assumes all responsibility for their actions regardless of upbringing. Being rude or obnoxious only works well until someone who is more rude an obnoxious comes along. I can only suggest to continue to remain polite and courteous until someone who does not warrant such treatment crosses my path. Being aware of what good behavior is, I can just do whatever it was that makes the best outcome for me at that point.

    Source(s): The Golden Rule.
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    The word today is MOST and just "some" regarding the inconsiderate. It was predicted by the people of old that in the latter days, the love of many would grow cold. People have become grounded in selfishness, and LIBERALISM is responsible for bringing this condition about.

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    Is the bad side of human nature. It's improtant to demonstrate kindness and consideration to others so they will see how it works. Some were not brought up with these skills in their life so they still need to learn them.

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    It depends on the situation I think. If you're talking about in this "place", then I have no answer.

    If you mean in the "real world"... people are just going to be inconsiderate of other people because that's the way they are. Either they don't care, they think they're superior, they're angry all the time, or they just cannot get along with other people. It's not pretty, but it's true.

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    I think because eveybody comes from differents enviroment,a mean differents families, I know people who are always in defensive actitud, are agresive with others. I am a thinker, anyway everybody has the choice how they want to be with others, if you are with people like that keep the distance and be wise and the time of talking.

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    because some people are so wrapped in themselves they dont see or consider anyone else. Unfortunately, it seems to be more and more young people - not interested in anything unless it involves them and their problems - NO-ONE is more important than them, it seems. No time to listen or give up a little of their time for someone else - dont you know that they are busy people. How selfish have we become these days.

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    because unfortunately they are unable to/or want to consider other peoples points of view,acceptance of their differences,

    or have the knowledge and understanding of respecting each and every person as an individual, in other words they are selfish, and self centred... they're the ones that lose out ....because they won't enamour themselves to people easily....J.

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    depends on the mind set. matured people thinks in all others angle.

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