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when you will reject me, you will find new and better truth and you will no longer need me?

I hear that everybody can be replaced. if some do not meet the needs of others, they reject him and find new person or you will make new truth just for you.

Everybody is replaceable, also you do not need me anymore?

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    "Replaced" is a wrong word to use. I guess it's the same thing as being dumped by someone.

    No one wants to be rejected. Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated.

    Just remember, when someone rejects you, there are still others out there who loves and appreciates you.

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    If you are talking about Relationships, Rejection is harsh. For it isn't being offensive to others we fear-we fear the Rejection.

    If you are talking about in the "Work Place" that saying has been said many times...People are replaceable in that context.

    If you are talking about Religion and Spirituality: Your question is interesting, but I am not sure "Whom" you are speaking of.

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    Self reliance is more important than approval from others. That's easy for me to say, being in my thirties. You sound youngish. Friends are very important to you. It was for me at that age. I spent a lot of time with a church youth group, but didn't make any real connections. I met someone who was the brother of a girl I started to dare, my first gf, and we became great friends. OK, friends are important, but don't base your own esteem and worth on them. My bud led me to hang with guys who were into loud music and drugs. I liked some of the music, but didn't like listening to it so loud. I got into pot, but not sniffing glue and the other obviously dangerous stuff some of them were into. Find a group, but don't forget yourself.

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    I don't replace people, but when I find that they are using me I move on, even if it hurts. Also, sometimes I discover they are only interested in themselves. Is that what you are going through now?

    Here is something perfect for you. I just found someone's motto (in Latin then in English):

    "Illigitimus Non-corobundum"

    "Don't let the bastards grind you down."

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    Yes, women do it to us men all the time. They get suckered by one guy after another about what their needs and they promise them the moon. That's is why women jump from man to man. It's either money, time, money, materialistic Sh!t, money, education, money, security, and money.

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    i don't know you but if you had a different attitude, everything would be different.

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    Are you my wife???

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