How do I tell if she is sending signals that she is interested?

First of all we work together, so coming right out and asking would be awkward, though it is my preferred approach. She stops by to say hello and I am completely out of the way. She asked me to help her plan a huge project involving travelling together abroad for 11 days. I asked her to go to happy hour/dinner she seemed very enthused. We planned it for 2 weeks out (do to schedule conflicts on her end) and during "happy hour" she was answering calls for where she was going next. I offered to extend the evening but she declined even though her other plans fell through; though she did send a text message early the next morning saying thanks. She still wants me to watch her dog this weekend. Oh we are both single but I am a bit older than she is. 23 vs 35 but for the first time in a long long time I feel there is magic in the air. Her smile, sparkling eyes, and laughter bring me to my knees. Now I can't sleep. She is leaving town for the long weekend. Should I bring it up before she goes

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    If she went with you to Happy Hour then there's obviously something running through her mind. The next time you go to happy hour with her, invite her to do something more quiet or intimate (like a movie) which will keep her off her cell and also tell you if she's interested.

    (And about the extending the evening thing: women sometimes have rules about not staying out too late or being careful on an occasion like that. So its a toss up on that one.)

    However, I have to mention that you should be careful. Some of the things you said were hints of her using you. Maybe not. Hopefully not. But it doesn't hurt to be prepared and see the signs until you get to know her better. Don't let her manipulate you into a multitude of favors by leading you on. (I know a beautiful girl who does this all the time)

    Go with the 2nd date movie thing (and ask her at the next happy hour get-together). That should alleviate the embarassment of having to ask at work, give you a quiet setting to go on a date, and her answer to the date will give you an answer to her interest in you.

    Best of luck buddy. I always like to hear people speak of happy times.

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    You sound extremely smitten. good success! Why do not you wait until eventually eventually she returns from her holiday? That way you'll get a sense for her, see if she's in basic terms being pleasant in view that she is operating with you on a mission.... you recognize? slightly time aside can help you word what's what. If she returns and is sweet by using your part first difficulty in the morning, and in no way stating paintings first, that must be a contact. ;-) bypass gradual. i'm advising you be careful although coz that's a job and she or he's a coworker...and it ought to easily be your closeness from engaged on the mission. nicely, back, good success.

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    Jump man jump , grab her hand , hug her and kiss her now , otherwise it will be too late , she has shown all the signs , that she start liking you , go and see her dog , spend quality time with her , help her in cooking , setting a table , suggest her to cook together and make it a point to have dinner with her , just do it now .

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    So far it doesn't sound like she's sending signals. It sounds like she wants help with her project. She may be interested in you, but I can't tell that by what you've written. If you want to bring it up, I say go for it but don't get mad at her if she doesn't feel the same way you do.

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    Only if it will make you feel better...


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