What was the funniest thing that happend to you at school?

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  • slick
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    1 decade ago
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    we had this huge grass embankment out the front of school . it was after school and we were waiting for the bus so myself and a couple of friends were sliding down the hill on out feet . well in the middle of the slope was this longer patch of grass I ran over the top of the slope and began sliding down the hill as I hit the darker longer patch of grass I almost doubled my rate of descent . My feet shot out from under me and I thudded heavily to my backside knocking the wind out of me I rolled end over end and hit the bottom of the embankment with a thud and doubled up in pain a female teacher that was on bus duty ran over and to my shame started to laugh with all her might My cotton school trousers Had torn not split but torn clean off me leaving only the legs and fragments of material but that was not the worst of it, I had the worlds nastiest wedgie my 2 cheeks were hanging through the hole looking very pink and sore . funny well now it is but at the time I could have died. Lmao

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    A long long time ago ... in 2nd grade I was in a play and had to give a speech. But a little boy decided to close the curtain on me and was unable to find a opening. Needless to say I went under the curtain wearing a dress. When the curtain open, all you could see was me beating the boy who closed the curtain.

    Hugs from a Loving Mom to a Brillant, as well as beautiful 8 year old Jared and Our Angel, Zachary (taken to soon but who will always remain in our heart) ~ Mel

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    One of my classmate suddenly grab most of the student's school bag and then ran to the roof of our school. He stood in the side of the roof and then throw all the school bags out from the roof to the ground.

    Remember, all this kind of behaviour is appeared suddenly.

    That classmate was sent to the mental illness hospital at the following day

    Source(s): It was long time ago and I remember it was high school. My high school get 6 floor.
  • Muffin
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    1 decade ago

    On first grade, I was showing off that I could inhale/exhale a small red crayon. But I sniffed it too hard, it went in my nose, I couldn't breathe and everyone panicked. Our principal called up my mom and she rushed to our classroom and til now I can still remember that moment when everyone was looking at me and they're instructing me to blow my nose.

    Wait, I don't think it's funny. It was a traumatic experience. I can feel it right now. Just imagine, if the crayon got stucked, I'd have been rushed to a hospital and they'd cut off my nose. OMG. I'm starting to have panic attack.

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  • 4 years ago

    even as me and my Indian chum pretended to have a freshie accessory with a sparkling instructor.... Haha it became hilariousss, she extremely concept we were freshies, she all started talking a touch slower with us too lol bless her xD In year 8 or something I bear in mind our song instructor could in no way administration us, one newborn will be naughty so he'd take them outdoors to talk...even as he's gone all the classification right now stood up swapped seats and tables round and sat back down... instructor got here in questioning wth ! Lmao I felt sorry for him after, he became like 1/2 waiting to cry 1/2 waiting to kill us all, we were a nightmare then lol Edit - @ ???ï? Is back! - Aww yellow slips haha I bear in mind them

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    came out of the toilets with my skirt tucked into my knickers totally embarssing at the time but funny as hell now lol

  • 1 decade ago

    hmm.. when i burped in front of a big crowd when im about to give a speech about this thing... hehehe

  • 1 decade ago

    when i was in grade 4 i peed in the stage ... in my acting performance... i was so scared!! .. i wore a dress ... and all got wet hahahahah


  • 1 decade ago

    well.... i proposed to a girl in front of the class ( i really liked her) and she told me she wanted to become a nun!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    when i was on stage as a rustic adult my mustache came off

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