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I am in a habit of ejaculation?............?

i want to ask that how many times if i ejaculate a week it will not affect my health.

i often had pain and paining sound in my knees.

i wana ask that if i ejaculate ones in two days is it going to affect my health or my mating with my wife as i will approach marriage(i am 17 now hope to get marry at 25 o 26)

or any other scale to which i can ejaculate and remain normal.

also discuss pain in knees

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    LMFAO! dude I have had sex with three chicks consistantly ( one at a time for a long time) and still had time to wax my gun in the shower, were just wired that way.

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    The surprising thing is you're 17, I would have thought 12 or 13. The pain in your knees is most likely your brain trying to find a way out to your butt.

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    Just don't be afraid, nothing is going to fall off if you masturbate daily or even several times a day....try to make yourself go longer each time....by getting to orgasm and then stopping, doing it again, then stopping and then the third one...go all the way....it will blow you mind son. When you do get married you will benefit by that and get your wife to do it with you too.

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    u can do it upto maximum of 20 times a day. But u can't do it everyday.

    For good health do it maximum of 3 times a day. minimum atleast once in a week.

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