Can you fall back in love with a person you no longer feel you love?

I have been with my wife for 14 years we have a son and 2 children from her previous marriage. Her children have allways been a point of contention but we have always managed to work through it. 3 years ago she had an affair and we just managed to work through that. Her eldest son who lives with us has just found out his girlfriend is having a child. It has put an emense strain on the family so much so I don't know if I can take it. Something in me has changed my wife is a lovely person but I'm no longer sure how I feel. Is this situation salvagable?

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    Yes, why gave her another chance when she had an affair.... So you really care about her and love her. You said it yourself you managed to work through it.

    Problems will come and go... no point of leaving each other now.. This is part of being in the family and part of a marriage.

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    More longer we live together more we can't feel the flirt of the love and we think that it has gone but when we loose that person we just find out that how much we love that person. sometimes people can't appreciate and respect until we lost them, we found how much precious they are in our life.

    However it makes your life difficult, please try to manage it well and find the solution without hurt anyone or make you feel regret in the future....God will make a way! God Bless You

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    i imagine "falling in love" can take position at any time and for any reason. attending to entice close the guy although, takes time, at times a lengthy time period. So, actual deep heart-felt, committed Love make take slightly longer than a pair months.

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    "In love" does not exist, according to my mom, in a marriage after a couple years. However, "love" does still exist.

    It is salvageable if you still "love' her.

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