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Do your dreams come true?

You dream at night but do those dreams actually happen, in real life? As in meet people, travel, births arrive, loss of money etc. etc.

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    well sometimes it can happen for two different reasons : the first is just a DEJA VU... that means something that we hear or see that we fix in our head or heart and our brain elaborates during the sleep.. the second it could be that you are a seer.. that means you can forecast the future... and it is a real huge gift. Try to see clearly.. and you will find it..

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    dreams are usually your bodies way of working through the days activities or worries etc... Sometimes we do not understand what they mean. Some people do have dreams that come true.

    Personally - I have alot of dreams that come true - In my dreams whatever it is usually happens to me and the next morning when I wake up whatever I dreamt about (50% of the time) comes true exactly as I saw it except to someone else - not me)

    It creeps me out sometimes!

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    I've had a few things happen to me in my dream that later occured in my waking life. For ex. I had a dream I was having a boy. And I was upset about it. In my waking like I was pregnant and wanted a girl. In my dream the nurse told me having a girl isn't everything. When I got checked that following week. I was told it was a boy. I didn't cry but I knew my dream came true

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    I had a dream a few months back and it hasn't came true yet but I'm still hoping that part of the dream will.

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    HI there, i always belevie that if it is ment to happen, then it will. Dreams can some times help you make choices about things that you find hard to make yourself. Let life take care of it and you will be fine.

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    No, and that i would not like them to return genuine. one in all my targets is myself and those random human beings in a Jeep and a guy is utilising crazily interior the city attempting to get far off from a working sloth. specific, a working sloth. that's motives why I hate sloths... wish that has helped your question.

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    I have already felt that. I dreamt about my bestfriend broke up with his girlfriend. And you know after 2 weeks I dreamt about that, he broke up with his girlfriend... I'm so sad about that and always blame myself why I should dream about that.. That's so ironic...

    Take care and happy choosing..


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    Yes, sometimes they actually do!!!

    It's really strange,but they do happen some

    times and I don't always know which dreams

    will come true and which ones won't.

    It's really interesting but maybe we really do

    have messengers in our sleep?

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    dreams do come true if you put the good strong dreams in to your subconcious mind & put sincere hard work to make them come true.

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    I dreamt about cheese and lo and behold, I ate cheese a few days later.

    Coincidence? I think not!

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