Why can't liberals see that homosexuals are sinners?

Has anyone noticed there is a bunch of liberals on this site that hates god? Not only that but I am so sick of homosexuals saying that gay is not a sin. It certainly doesn't say that in the bible. Also there is this guy on here named Mac, he keeps following me and making gay comments at me. But not only that but he has so many of the liberal views that yahoo people have. He is brainwashed by the left wing media. My dad always told me its people like him who will ruin America. He was asking earlier about what city is the best polish city because he hates American cities. What is wrong with the non believers? Is this what our society will turn into?

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    1 decade ago
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    why must evangelicals be such bigots?

    if anything is a sin... it's HATE

    (and dont bother with the "love the sinner, hate the sin" thing ... it's lame)

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    Ok lets go about this a diffrent way. Lets for a second say that you are completely correct in assuming all homosexuals are going to hell. Then it would be wise to be nice because you might end up sharing an oven. You can not consentrate on one phrase alone and forget the rest of the bible. It says love thy neighbor. those with out sin cast the first stone. Treat others as you would like to be treated. And the list goes on. In other words mind your buisness. You are not the one that is suppose to make the judgement. Just love everyone for who they are and let God do the judging. He has been doing it longer. He needs no more help. Thats why he has Jesus.

  • umwut?
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    1 decade ago

    Sounds like you were brainwashed by your dad, the bibull and your elders who taught you their ways.

    It's the message of the bibull that teaches intolerance for what happens in nature.

    Tell me something. Did you choose to be straight? I mean, did you sit down, think about whether being gay or straight was the way to go and then go with it? Would you choose to be gay? I mean, if you thought you would be ridiculed, persecuted, beaten, harassed and called a sinner, would you choose to be gay?

    I thought not.

    So, when you say being gay is a sin, it's suggested that those who are gay readily choose that lifestyle. They don't. Sorry, but molested and raped children don't grow up to be gay. They may be perverted and messed up but not gay.

    The label of LIBERAL or CONSERVATIVE mean the same in that both ideals are equally stupid. I prefer to be called OPEN MINDED and a FREE THINKER. I'm sure you don't realise that everything that was once LIBERAL back in the day is now CONSERVATIVE today. Something to think about.

    Why don't you think a bit before condemning a group of people who have no choice in their sexual preference, like you had no choice in the color of your eyes or hair or skin.

    And, no, I'm not gay. And no, I don't believe in god.

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    you are so sick of homosexuals saying that being gay is not a sin. and you use the bible to prove your point.

    i am so sick of people like you saying that you are right because the bible says so.

    you generalize as well. not all people are like "mac".

    can you prove your point by using something other than your "precious" bible? use something non-religious. until then, keep your opinions to yourself, or if you cant, then dont expect everyone to believe the way you do, or to tell you that you are right.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, we are sick of you. Hey, the stupid conservative ***- hole category can be found under the go **** yourself category. Get a life, and stop hating everyone Else's, okay?!!! It' s **** heads like you that ruin this nation. A lot of straight people ******* suck. You whine about preserving marriage, but it seems that more and more of you can't keep your marriage together. it's the breeders who do the molesting, the raping, the murdering. There is no national religion, so keep your ******* god to yourself. I am pissed at you people. You are the ones who are going to hell. You hate what this country's becoming, then go Iraq. See how you will be treated there, you piss mop.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I want how are you able to be a non secular Sinner? all of us fall wanting the honour of God Romans 3:23 The Soul that Sinneth Dies .Ezekiel 18,4. ( we are all sinners, sin and die) thus all of us have broken the guidelines, and could be Judged . .Have I any excitement in any respect that the depraved could die? saith our lord god: and not that he could return from his tactics, and stay?” Ezekiel 18:23 The Lord isn't slack concerning to His promise, as some count variety slackness, yet is longsuffering in direction of us, not prepared that any could perish yet that each and every you may come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9. I want none could Perish ...

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    It doesn't actually say that being homosexual is a sin, either! So, stop being such a bigot, and realize that gays don't choose their sexuality. God gave it to them as their personal cross. That doesn't give, YOU, with your different cross, the right to pick on them. Did Jesus no say Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. and Judge not lest ye be judged and found wanting Don't keep pointing out the splinter in your brother's eye while there is a timber in yours.

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    Two facts you should know:

    - Homosexuals, are people who are acting with their BODY NATURE, it's something Genatic.

    - A Sin, is only an expression changes with time/place/culture, an expression describes your opinion on a certain action, and isn't related to the action itself.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Politicians as a whole are sinners. They have sold out of their religion for money and re-election. Have you noticed that those who remain true to their faith are usually the least know voices in the house and the senate?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    my wife got a laugh out of this one,she' European(witch means she's from a different country karljames)and she laughed at all your mac talk,i don't mention anything about myself being gay,and i don't really care that your gay,....you failed to mention about the stories of you and Skippy sneaking into cornfields,and you started this whole questions answered,i think your the one who wants to try and get me kicked off,but *** you can tell,i don't get vulgar with you,I'm mean its OK if your gay,sounds like your hidding from your parents,and like you said your daddy does not like gay people,so your projecting your sexuality upon others,venting your frustrations out.........don't be afraid....i had some really good friends that were gay,and they are as normal as anyone......sexual orientation has nothing to do with intellect or religion....you will be OK.........

  • R G
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    1 decade ago

    Why can't you see that it is not a sin ??

    God created Homo sexuals ya ? I mean they were born with a different sexual orientation. If you say that everything was created by God - including Satan - you really can't blame anyone else ya?

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