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I take Adderall XR 30 MG's. By taking small amounts of the capsules contents, is it going to stimulate still?

It seems to work if I take just a little bit at a time (just as needed) -- is it in my head or is it actually working? Serious Answers Only!! If you have experience or knowledge, please share. :)

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    I think you should check with your doctor. A lot of the meds out now have controlled release which slowly absorbs into your system. I wouldn't change the dosage that your doctor put you on w/o talking to him/her. Just a quick phone call and you'll have an answer you know is safe.

    Good luck.

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    No that's no longer risk-free. He might desire to take no extra effective than prescribed, ever. He might desire to have been reading all semester, no longer saving it for the final minute. He additionally desires to get a solid nighttime's relax this nighttime extremely than being an fool and attempting to tug an all nighter cramming.

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    The "XR" inAdderall XR stands for extended release. You should definitely talk with your doctor before self-prescribing a different dosage. If it's not working for you as prescribed, talk to your doctor.

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