i want to know if there is a Lycee Francais the french school in USA Detroit Michigan?want to know the site?

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  • Dan
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    1 decade ago
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    I don't think there is a Lycee Francais in Detroit, but there is another French school called Ecole Francaise de Detroit. It's actually in Bloomfield Hills, which is a suburb of Detroit.

    The web site is listed below, although it doesn't seem to work that well.

    Here is the contact info:

    Ecole Française de Detroit

    Tel : 248 203 5704

    Fax : 248 203 5705

    Ms Corduriès, direct.

    Meadow Lake Center

    7100 Lindenmere Drive

    Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301

    E-mail: frensch@earthlink.net

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